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Europe in our hands

The largest humain chain ever to say YES to Europe

About the project

This iniative starts with a crazy bet : connecting Madrid with Warsaw, with hundreds of thousands of people holding hands to say YES to Europe!

Fist of all, have a look our video above !

Our project is a wonderful collective ambition. In the perspective of the next election of the European Parliament (May 2014), its fundamental objective is to trigger a very large rally among the citizens of Europe in favor of an acceleration of the European integration. The origin of this initiative is purely emanating from citizens of various countries in Europe and has no link with any political party.

It involves two steps:

- A huge action on the social media with the ambition to create the largest humain chain ever in the history, connecting Madrid with Warsaw, e.g 3000 kms! Our chain will be virtual to start with, and watchable at any time from the internet site. But who knows if it will not end up with a real chain ?

- A book, to be puslished in March 2014, which takes the form of a novel, projecting ourselves in 20 years and inventing a new dream for Europeans. Going firmly against the current trends of euroscepticism, this pleasant and innovative narrative will feature in a very tangible way, what a more integrated Europe will make possible for its citizens, be it from a social, political and economical point of views. It will target a very broad audience, trying to speak to everyone, in particular to the youngests. 

Europe in our hands : an amazing initiative

Our initiative relies on the development of a dedicated website, connected to Facebook. With such website, all European citizens, from 13 to 77, will be invited to join the chain, holding a friend's hand or simply "another European hand", with whom they will be offered to become "friend" on the social network.

How one will join the chain ? By connecting to the website which adress will be massively shared on the social networks and through the media. Then a simple click will be enough to find ones friends or simply join the chain at its end. 

The progress of the chain will be watchable at any time on the website as well as on the project's dedicated facebook page, which will play a key role in the project as an exchange platform with all our fans. 

3 goods reasons to join the chain:

  1. I say "YES" to Europe through the 10 key principles
  2. I'm posting a very clear message to our political leaders
  3. I'm joining an amazing and crazy initiative

Why this initiative, now?

All our team members are sharing four fundamental beliefs:

  1. The size of our countries is no longer appropriate to address alone the challenges of the XXIst century : globalization, worldwide competition, environmental or even future bio-ethics issues.
  2. We, as Europeans, have to recognize it and act upon it. This is a major responsibility we carry towards future generations.
  3. Only a social and political integration of Europe, which probably means a federal constitution, is able to offer us a desirable future.
  4. Last but not least, we are convinced that time has come for the People, for us as citizens, to take action and shape which Europe we want for us and for our children.

Why is this initiative going to be an amazing success ? 

- because it's funny, innovative, hugely important, simple, crazy, very serious, professional,... and because timing is right.

What are the funds for?

The funds we will collect will be used to launch the whole project. In particular, it will enable to pay the design of the website, the design of all graphical elements of the campaign, the translation of the website in 5 languages, and last but not least, the promotion of the initiative on the media. 

If we manage to collect more than 10 000€, we will be able to translate the website in many more European languages (200€ per language), and increase the impact on the campaign through the media. 

About the project owner

My name is Antoine Baron. I'm 42, European, French and "Lyonnais d'adoption". I'm married and the happy father of four children. In my professional life I am a coach for CEOs. As a citizen, I am fully engaged and passionate about the European issues. This has led me in the last two years to embark into the writing of this book (my first one!) and to launch the "Europe in our hands" initiative.

At this stage, "Europe in our hands" is a core team of about 7 people, mixing all generations, several European nationalities as well as very diverse talents. Among these talents, Nicolas helps us with his great experience of setting up large citizen initiatives on the internet, for instance  "15 fans on va Melun, 15 000 fans, en route pour Pekin !! 1 fan = 1km" ou encore "Gare Lisch: Opération Renaissance. 1 fan = 1 chance de la sauver"