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Paces Crafts

Ethical Fashion, Handicraft and children in need

About the project

Become part of a wonderful story about ethical fashion, handicrafts and strong women, whilst also saving children in need. Support our fair trade craft workshop in India that was set up to benefit the children's projects carried out by Sister Jeanne Devos.

Rampur is located in a tribal region of India where there are few jobs and the people live in poverty. Here, many families send their young girls and women off to the cities to go and earn money under the pretence that they will be getting an education. Unfortunately, in many cases the reality is much different, and they often become victims of abuse, domestic slavery, prostitution, etc.

One year ago, an orphan started up a knitting workshop where around 40 women could work close to home for a fair wage.

The workshop forms a genuine alternative for women, keeping them out of the grasp of people traffickers, it makes them more resilient and as such offers them freedom.

The women are trained and mentored by talented master weavers and knitters who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills. 

In order to live up to Western design and quality requirements, we rely on an inspiring Belgian textile expert for whom weaving is a craft that comes from the heart.

With this team, we produce exclusive and sought-after fabrics and knitted products, as well as blankets made of high-quality materials like organic cotton, animal-friendly silk, merino wool, cashmere and recycled saris.

The world is changing, and consumers are becoming more aware – including when it comes to fashion and home furnishings. We are joining others at the barricades of the fashion revolution!

In this project, we were heavily inspired by Jeanne Devos. Her 'Jaan Foundation' saves vulnerable children who have become victims of slavery and abuse, and offers them shelter and emotional support.

It is therefore with deep conviction and affection that we donate the profits of our project to the 'Jaan Foundation'. Another blessing for us has been that Jeanne Devos has, in turn, so enthusiastically supported us in pursuing our story. Thanks to the local know-how and network of the 'Jaan Foundation', Solid is helping to make this Indian adventure a success.

What are the funds for?

The building is there.

The team is ready.

The workshop is already set up.

We have a number of enthusiastic customers who tell wonderful stories with our products, and some great partnerships are in the pipeline.

However...we now need a helping hand (your support) in order to:

get out of the starting blocks;

continue developing the workshop into a professional workplace;

and to launch our social business model for the long-run.

All we need now is your support, just this once, in order to get this social engine up and running.

40.000 €

A second milestone:

€25,000 in order to:

fully finish the products ourselves in our workshop to provide more fair jobs for people
as well as ensuring even better quality final products; 

renovate the roof of the building;  

purchase the necessary finishing equipment.

Rewards to be redeemed at the selected A.S. Adventure store of the individual's choice

About the project owner

Solid provides aid for development, but sets itself apart from the rest...

We are firmly convinced that cooperation between socially responsible companies and social organisations is an effective and sustainable way of combatting poverty in the long term.

In Peru, we have already proven that pooling resources in this way works: there, we set up a successful knitting workshop where the ladies earn a fair wage and all the profit goes towards supporting women, teenage mothers and their children. 

Our Belgian team is responsible for seeking out and supporting customers, which has already given rise to some excellent collaborative projects with large and small brands and with retailers.

We clearly see the social impact of employing these women on society. The women use their hard-earned pennies to improve their situation: houses are renovated and furnished, children go to school, the family has access to doctors and hospitals, and so on. 

Working at Solid also helps individuals to improve their social skills and self-confidence, meaning that mothers and women can support themselves financially, which makes them more resilient and liberates them.

The workshop in Peru, where the social projects are also located, is a centre full of enthusiasm, where you can really feel the warmth and the power of these women.

Woman power at its best!

We are using the energy given to us by our great project in Peru to apply the same concept in India.

Make your contribution – believe in these women, it will make all the difference.

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instagram: Solid crafts