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Sustainable, Vegan and Biodegradable winter outerwear made in Montreal

About the project



At Ethically warm we believe that you do not have to compromise between the animals, the earth and ethics. This is why we have made it our mission to democratize the access to truly sustainable, local and vegan products. We are launching our first collection that features sustainable, vegan and 80% biodegradable outerwear.



It is no longer a secret, fashion is the world's second most polluting industry, making it very frustrating for diligent consumers to purchase responsibly. And the winter jacket industry is not an exception. The only options offered are either made from 12 geese and one coyote , or made in unethical conditions and from plastic derivatives that decompose in ten of thousands  of years.


It does not mean that you eventually loose a sleeve while waiting for the bus.It does not mean the a rabbit will come and eat your jacket Unless you burry it in a whole in your backward, your jacket will behave like a regular jacket.

By prioritizing natural fibers and new textile technologies , our goal, is that these jackets, can go back to the earth, once the have reached end of life, instead of going into a landfill.The reality is that more than 60% of our clothing is made from plastic derivatives such as nylon, polyester, spandex etc. Plus , according to recyc-quebec, 24kg of clothing are thrown on average by each quebecer, yearly.





  • Our outer shell is made from vegan waxed canvas (cotton) that has been proofed in scotland.
  • Our insulation is a biodegradable material from Primaloft, renowned as one of the best supplier in the world that works uniquely with big Brands like Patagonia and North Face. Its biodegradable option was launched this year an Ethically Warm is one of the first to incorporate it in its products.
  • The pocket interiors are made from bamboo that has been dyed and sewed in Montreal which allows the highest environmental norms to be respected. 
  • For the pieces that are not biodegradable yet, we have nylon made from plastic recycled from the ocean, used in the creation of the interior lining. This material was chosen for the lining in order to prevent odours and to facilitate care of the products. Finally, we have our zippers, made in Montreal, which we also plan on working to develop a biodegradable option on our end.

If the project speaks to you or appeals to your values, you can partake in it ! There are a few options for you to contribute to the success of the project. In increasing order of price, we have the rewards as follow :


  • Framed Print, designed in collaboration with Out of The, for 20$. 12" X16"
  • Art piece titled for the love of the ocean and the hate of the waste
  • Will also be printed in the linning of our jackets



  • Minimalist tote bag made of 100% bio cotton, 45$  14" X15" X 3.5"




  • Double sided bamboo fleece scarf,  cream color 80$
  • 100% bio cotton dyed and woven in Montréal , charcoal color 80$




The early birds units will be delivered before the holidays of 2019, wich makes it an excellent present! The regular jackets will be delivered in february 2020. Each purchase includes a reproofing spray.  Our first Soft Shell collection goes to -15 degrees Celcius.

  • Early-Bird Navy SoftShell Jacket, 350$
  • Early-Bird Cumin SoftShell Jacket, 350$
  • Early-Bird Black SoftShell Jacket, 350$
  • Navy SoftShell Jacket, 365$
  • Cumin SoftShell Jacket, 365$
  • Black SoftShell Jacket, 365


It is essential for our production to be ethical also for the humans involved in the process. This is why our entire collection is designed and produced in Montréal in collaboration with the first and only seamstress cooperative. It also allows us to ensure the highest product quality and the lowest environmental impact. We work with the most sustainable and ethical suppliers possible. They share the same values as us. This is why even internally they invest in R&D in order to enhance their products and increase their sustainability by testing out plant based dyes for example.

Our scraps of materials are given to local artist that use them as a primary ressource for their art. Furthermore, we have partnered with the montreal based artist Out Of The, to design the linning of our jackets. In fact, she has designed a custom work of art that will be featured exclusively in our first collection.






Like any jacket, care treatment must be executed in order to keep it clean and fresh. It is quite simple to take care of your jacket as you only need to hand wash it in cold water with a delicate soap. No need for dry cleaning or fancier stuff. It is important on the other hand that you do not put it in the drying machine nor steam it with a steamer. If you really need to iron it, you can use the dot iron only on the lowest setting! Do not machine dry, only hang the jacket in order to dry it.

*We include a reproofing spray with each purchase


Also, we want to offer a reparation service. In the eventuality that there is an issus with your jacket, or a certain part needs replacement, Do not hesiste to contact us.

Regarding the jackets, due to time constraint and lead times with suppliers, only the first 30 orders in each colour will receive their units for christmas. These are labeled as "Early Birds". The second batch, labeled as the normal order, will be able to be delivered by February.  

Regarding all the other counterparts, they will be received before christmas aswell!


What are the funds for?

Ethically Warm saw a great fit with Ulule and social financing as the fashion industry is capital intensive and needs upfront payments. The money raised on the Ulule campaign will allow Ethically Warm to finance its first production and establish the working capital needed to get the ball rolling and the company running. Depending on the results of the campaign, it will possibly allow to start the development of the parka models and the zippers R&D.


About the project owner


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