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Let's work together to improve Etherpad

MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

MyPads : release candidate

After two weeks of beta 2, today we reach another step and we've never been so close to release: here we have MyPads RC - release candidate.

Last progress

Since our last point:

  •     As planned, email sending management into MyPads with
  •     ==> as the administrator desires, email addresses checking before subscriber account activation;
  •     ==> password recovery procedure;
  •     ==> token generation with a time limited validity for both actions;
  •     ==> on the plugin administration,  SMTP server configuration.
  •     The ability to opt for pad personal parameters. For example, in a restricted group, it is now possible to create a public pad  or a readonly one. In a password-protected group, you can add a pad with its own password etc. By default, behavior stays as before : pads inherit their properties from their parent group.
  •     An optional description field for each group had been added.
  •     Some bugs around public and private visibility have been fixed, in particular when pads have their own properties.
  •     Some enhancements on translations.

Recently, a substantial rewriting of the authentication system has been made. One of the etherpad plugins, which we talk about into week 17 point, has a nasty tendency to prevent MyPads to work. This behavior has been randomly experienced, depending on the database used by the instance and the time it needs to setup after etherpad launch. Etherpad plugins are called through a global event and we can not, as far as we know, control their order. To disregard, we had to setup MyPads sooner, what prevents it to correctly plug with the session system used by etherpad. That's why we decide, to secure functioning, to migrate from a simple local authentication to a token system, JSON Web Token, but still with the help of the passportjs library.


MyPads crowdfunding campaign has ended more than a year ago. Development, which has been initially expected on November, has been delayed to February and the predictable workload has been overstepped to a great extent. Reasons include a wrong initial estimation of needed work to create such a plugin (this kind of extension is rare into etherpad ecosystem) and some bonus features regarding the specifications; features added free of charge. The contractor has been engaged to complete the plugin, so the overload is on him and the plugin won't cost more than expected. Note that Framasoft has not wanted to apply some fees for the delays (MyPads, once the development starts again in February, has been announced to be published before the end of April).

Some numbers : MyPads today represents a little more than 13,000 lines for 10,000 lines of code. Two thirds has been dedicated to unit and functional testing. In all, the plugin has regrouped a bit less than 80,000 lines - additions and deletions - including a little part from dependencies and mainly code refactorizations.

New features are planned next monthes but it won't be any addition before stable version and deployment on the Framasoft and Framapad servers.


Thanks to all who have already took some time to test MyPads. For this last home straight, we need you, again. MyPads has been installed on our beta instance. More this version will be used and bugs will be reported, less we got bad surprises in a few weeks, when MyPads will be published and installed publicly.