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MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

MyPads RC2

The first MyPads release candidate version has been published more than a week ago. A big thank you to those who have spent some time to test and formalize some feedback. The latter have brought us to the second release candidate.

Changes from RC1

From the beginning of last week and first issues reported :

  •     Until now all the MyPads elements had an unique random identifier, generated by the cuid library. Efficient and ordered, theses identifiers had a main problem : being no human readable for an URL usage. It has been decided to move to a more meaningful generation.
  •     For example, a group named Classed cases 312 now have for identifier classed-cases-312-xxxxxxx. The last characters are random in the purpose to not command unique names at creation across the whole instance. This change impacts groups, pads, users and and user lists.
  •     Email has already been required for user account creation. However, uniqueness into database was not enforced : only the logins were. This choice has been made in order to allow multiple accounts creation with a same email. We have chosen to revisit our opinion and now MyPads requires unique email addresses, which allows :
  •     ==> for restricted groups, user invitation or administration sharing from email address in addition to their login;
  •     ==> in the user lists module, emails and logins too;
  •     ==> last, password recovery now ask for email address.
  •     From now on user invitation, you are more clearly informed about those for who the operation has succeeded and those where it has failed.
  •     All MyPads elements now handle a creation date field, allowing a more reliable ordering inside the application.
  •     An annoying bug has been introduced with the recent authentication method change and has been fixed : actually number of changes around accounts, like bookmarks, were not reflected at the server cache level, and had for consequence data loss after manual reloading of the page.
  •     Some corrections for translations.
  •     A significant part  of unit and functional tests had to be adapted after these modifications.


Short-term it's still important for this RC2 to be massively tested and that the encountered bugs can be reported into our Gitlab.

You can try this version (only few changes before final) here :

As we consider the application stable enough, in principle we won't remove data for pads and groups created at this domain (even so, we can't absolutely guarantee that).

important note : if you have used private accounts on the old Etherpad version at Framapad, we invite you, as soon as possible, to copy paste your old pads content into new pads created on