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Let's work together to improve Etherpad

MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

MyPads : week 27

What has been recently done

Since last news, here are achieved tasks :

  •     a bookmark management module that bring together groups and pads, allowing to remove them from favorites or to quickly access to their details ;
  •     account removal from the profile module; this action leads to deletion of groups and pads where the user was the unique administrator ;
  •     group pads mass move to another group from the details page; useful before group removing or for merging several groups ;
  •     permissions management with differences between:
  •     ==> MyPads global administrators, the same as Etherpad instance ones, who are authorized to do everything through the MyPads API ;
  •     ==> users for which every action is checked : a user can update or see his account but not another one, edit his groups and pads but not those he has just been invited to contribute, etc. ;
  •     ==> forbidden actions have been removed from the Web client.
  •     a few fixes : a problem with account removal under Etherpad, bookmark adding from pads page, an issue with one of the databases supported by Etherpad, DirtyDb, because it returns already deleted elements "by design".

Work is going on. There are still ten tasks to do before the release candidate. Of course, you can test last progress on the online beta version. Remember not to work with this version: data is frequently wiped out and the contractor doesn't provide any service warranty from this place.