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MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

MyPads : week 25

Tasks done

Progress made this week haven't been as important as expected. Two main reasons : less time for the contractor, and tasks more complicated than estimated. Then, what have been done:

  •     Server-side messages localization, messages sent by the MyPads API, which is used by the Web client. This point was important especially because some messages, mainly errors, were displayed as received by the Web client and so were in English only. This task has taken some time because all server files had to inspected to setup this feature and then have been translated to French.
  •     Login and user chosen color by default on MyPads pads. This work, that seems easy, has been time-consuming. MyPads, as an Etherpad plugin, uses hook system provided by Etherpad to be able to interact with it. Updating user session parameters is easily done but there is no simple way to know, within the context sent by Etherpad, who is the current user from MyPads and so which information to use. As it wasn't conceivable to edit Etherpad core to get additional data neither live patching Etherpad client code, some ways have been explored. Here is how it works, from the user point of view :
  •     ==> When you subscribe, you can choose a color, thanks to the HTML 5 dedicated element. Please note this choice is optional.
  •     ==> By default, login and color, if it has been selected, are used for pad authorship.
  •     ==> Into your profile, you can update your color but also ask MyPads to not use your data into the pads. In that case, the plugin will be transparent and classical Etherpad feature will be here : it's up to you to enter your name and choose your color from the pad interface.
  •     ==> Of course, even if you choose to use your data from MyPads, you can always overwrite it for a given session. Useful for example when another user has chosen the same color as you.

These new features are available on the online beta. Don't hesitate to test and give us your feedback.

Week 26

Are planned the two remaining items from last week: bookmarks management module and public pages for public groups and password protected ones. Also:

  •     When a group is removed, linked pads are too. The idea here is to offer you, if you wish, to move the pads to another existing group.
  •     Let you the ability to completely remove your account. After confirmation, all groups and pads which you are the unique administrator will be removed.
  •     MyPads administration
  •     ==> Restricted to Etherpad instance administrators.
  •     ==> With a user management module.
  •     ==> And a MyPads configuration module (password length, email sending parameters etc).