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MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

MyPads : beta2 available (testers wanted! )

Last point about MyPads development has been done at the beginning of the month. It's time to give you some fresh news. Here you'll find : the second, and probably the last, beta version as well as significant progress.

Last weeks

Tasks which have been done :

  • Group leaving : in the context of restricted groups, the ability to quit a group, for a non-unique administrator or for any invited user.
  • Userlists : everyone who own an account can now create lists of users. They regroup, by their login, other MyPads node subscribers. This is mainly useful when you create a new group and want either sharing its administration or invite users to participate. You can now add a complete list of users instead of only adding them one by one.
  • Groups and pads access, even if you are not user or administrator, with or without an account :
    • Public groups : you only need the URL.
    • Password protected groups : once the Web address is reached, the password will be asked before displaying any useful information.
    • Visible data is then filtered : for example, for guests there are no details about administrators.
    • To make sharing easier, share buttons are available on many pages.
  • Groups and pads ordering. By default, they are ordered by creation. You can now choose a name order, in both directions.
    • MyPads configuration module
    • With user/password that match Etherpad node administrators ;
    • From where you can handle MyPads settings : title, password sizes, mail sending parameters…
    • And also users management : after a research by login, administrators can update a profile, change a password or remove an account.
  • And of course small fixes and improvements.

About features, before stable version, there are very few things left : finish the mail sending module and then what will be result from : email verification, according to the option checked or not by the admin, and password recovery for users.

MyPads need beta testers

Now that MyPads is almost done, it matters that we can have feedback and people who test the plugin before we deploy it. Please remember that the last MyPads version is available here. Be careful : it's a demo and data is frequently trashed. If possible, thank you to use our Gitlab website to give us your feedback, particularly bugs you may encounter.