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Let's work together to improve Etherpad

MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

  • More than three thirds in three weeks, thanks to you!!!

    In other words, drum roll... we have succeeded the funding of our project!

    "Us" means Framasoft which takes the initiative but mainly you all 364 contributors (at the time of this news) who have taken part of the campaign, and all those who have spread the news. We repeat again but once more, a big BIG thank you.

    This enables us to make this popular plugin and then to improve the Etherpad's ecosystem (as a reminder, we will release it at the latest by the end of november).

    More generally, this points us that many users want to take care of free and open source software and are willing to contribute to original and innovative business models. "Free as in free speech, not as in free beer" (R.M. Stallman). It's a safe bet that we'll repeat this kind of campaign, for Etherpad or another open source software.

    It's remarkable that the subscribers haven't been hesitant to be part of the project while rewards are mostly symbolic (like a name displayed into a file of the code repository) and virtual. The Free community really doesn't do things the way others do ;)

    Finally, last sign f this success, the goal has been reached within 20 days whereas the campaign was scheduled for 50 days. So it remains a whole month to explode the gauge. As being said, if we exceed the goal, halt of the additional amount will be used for an Etherpad's support fund, which allow us to fund future developments. The other half will be employed by Framasoft, which will demonstrate its usage on Framapad or Etherpad.

    It will be worth the effort to remain together in the aim of going as far as possible.


  • More than two thirds in two weeks by your efforts!

    The title isn't original and refers to the previous news. We reach the time t2 with 7141€ and 259 subscribers.

    A BIG thanks to you all.

    We're not so far from the goal but we have to stay together, especially as if we overstep the initial amount, we'll create a support fund dedicated to Etherpad that will enable to pay for future developments.

    Meanwhile, @framasky (on Twitter) has kept his word: you won't escape from yet another Downfall parody ;)

    Please note that the campaign has been reported on the French newspaper Libération, June 26th (a shorter version of this article, published sooner on the newspaper's website).

    We make the outcome of the article ours : « We must take care of these free and open source softwares which allow us to decentralize the Web and to be less dependant to Google and Co ».

  • More than a third in a week, thanks to you !

    It's great but we should go further ! At the moment, we reach 3,555€ with 138 subscribers. We deeply thank you, you guys the first supporters, because you show us how far this project is important for the community.

    This campaign is in your hands : talk about it, share, spread the world... By word of mouth, you'll make the difference. Do not hesitate to contact your relations in non profit organizations, administration, companies which work with Etherpad. Those one can contribute with the higher stages.

    We are reasonably optimistic, given the support and acknowledgement you offer. Moreover, we plan to communicate harder to the english speaking community who can be intersted by this project. Anyway, a good perspective but a lot of work to succeed!

    Framasoft's team