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Let's work together to improve Etherpad

MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

  • MyPads : third feedback

    Three weeks ago we've made a second point about MyPads development. For those who don't know yet, MyPads is an Etherpad plugin, and so Framapad, which will bring private groups and pads management for registered users.

    Last weeks have been less active than previous ones. Nevertheless, the Web client interface has seen some work with :

    •     login page and authentication;
    •     account subscription;
    •     user profile management.

    Short term

    The development will go back to regular activity this week. Groups and pads first pieces will be set up and, before the end of April, a first preliminary test version will be available for interested people. We plan to get a stable version within the first two weeks of May. As of now, weekly news will be sent.

  • MyPads : second feedback

    Two weeks have passed since our first point about MyPads development, the Etherpad plugin, and so Framapad plugin, which will bring groups and private pads managements per user.


    As intended, recent tasks have been dedicated to the MyPads Web user interface development, and more precisely:

    • setup of the front-end development environment : browserify, watchify...
    • usage of a mockup HTTP server in order to make the workflow better
    • global layout and its stylesheet, responsive design included
    • development of common modules : notification system, tooltips, data validation....

    For those who are interested about technical details, front-end code is based, among others, on Mithril.JS, Lodash, JSS.

    Next steps

    In the coming days you will see progress on modules:

    • authentication and subscription
    • user profile
    • setup of functional unit testing for these modules.

    Once done, an alpha version will be setup online. It will use the latest commit and will be daily updated. It will be available both in English and French.

    Of course, the administration and the most important modules of MyPads will come soon after that: groups and pads management. Note that you can follow MyPads progress on our Gitlab instance, or our Github mirror.


    Questions or comments ? http://framablog.org/2015/03/18/mypads-second-point-sur-le-developpement/

  • MyPads : first feedback

    A few weeks ago MyPads development has been resumed. This Etherpad plugin, and so Framapad plugin, will bring groups and private pads managements per user. It's time to give you some information about what has been done and what remains.


    The programmer has chosen to begin with server-side code, which is not obvious for users. Up to now, here is what has been done:

    • MyPads bootstrap as an Etherpad plugin, with manual installation.
    • Partial management of the plugin configuration, users, groups and pads.
    • HTTP-REST public API for common functions of each module.
    • Local authentification.

    Server-side some tasks are still to be done: improving API, permission handling for users , email sending - for example for password recovery.

    Time-consuming work

    Besides global bootstrapping, one of the major problems for an Etherpad plugin like MyPads is to work with the database. Currently Etherpad depends on ueberDB, a NodeJS library made for transforming database engines into simple key-value store. It's important to use ueberDB in order to keep the plugin compatible with all Etherpad supported databases.

    ueberDB currently offers only a few functions: set a key and its value, remove a key, get the value of the key and retrieve a list of keys according to a given prefix. Consequently,  the application has to handle the different types of objects to store, links between them, indexes... In short taking care of the data integrity and global performance.

    MyPads, the current preliminary version, represents a little more than 10,000 lines accumulated, tests and comments included.

    Next steps

    Web client development will begin next week. As soon as the first modules are done, a test demo, rebooted daily, will be available online. It will use the last source code and allow to watch more concretely what we are talking about. A new blog post will be published at that time.

    This step will help improving server-side code, including API, and implementation of missing functionality.

    NB: those who are interested by the source code can find it on our Github mirror, until our Gitlab is back online.

  • MyPads: development is back

    The development of MyPads has begun from the second half of December. Here is the annoucement.

    The initial roadmap was based upon the fact the programmer would dedicate half of his time to MyPads development, from December to the end of February.

    The schedule will actually be postponed and compressed. In addition to year's end celebrations, the contractor has chosen to finish his other professional commitments. Consequently he hasn't done much work for MyPads.

    He has confirmed that he will be dedicated full time working on the plugin til the end of February. You'd be able to see significant progress in our Gitlab instance (at the moment down for maintenance), through the source, tickets and the wiki.

    If real world tests can only be possible within a few weeks, the announced publishing date isn't challenged: MyPads remains scheduled before March.

  • You've done it!

    Thank you!!!

    The MyPads campaign is over and has been finished with succes. It even has exeeded our expectations, one more time thanks to you !

    In a couple of weeks, about fifty new contributors have funded the project, despite the fact that the original goal has already been reached.

    Here we are : 12,090€ (11 122€ after Ulule operaing costs deduction). We'll make good use of this amunt, and allocate as foretold the additional 1 122€ that you have decided to entrust us with.

    Next weeks, we'll wait patiently another replies to our specifications, choose the service provider and launch the creation of MyPads. Of course, we'll talk to you all through its conception, on Ulule and on http://framablog.org. As a reminder, the plugin's release is planned at the end of the year.

    For those who have chosen rewards : we'll contact you at the beginning of the development step in order to obtain all the informations we'll need to obey to our commitments. Naturally, we'll inform you when your compensations will be shipped.

    Thanks again to all who have contributed, directly or not, and helped us to make this campaign a success.

    The Framasoft Team