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Let's work together to improve Etherpad

MyPads plugin to manage groups, personal accounts and private pads

  • MyPads : week 24

    It’s not because beta version has been released that we will forget the weekly point. Here it is.

    Week 24 : what have been done
    Before the beta

    •     User Interface
    •     ==> pad view and update module improvements with common actions on the pad ;
    •     ==> a new button to open the pad edition in a new tab ;
    •     ==> deactivation of menu items not yet implemented (bookmarks and admin) ;
    •     ==> display fix for pad view bookmarking status ;
    •     ==> addition of common actions through icons from the group list view for groups and from the group details view for pads ;
    •     ==> more help texts and icons.
    •     Features
    •     ==> translation of the user interface from English to French ;
    •     ==> English is the default language except if the user Web browser has been defined with another language and translation exists ;
    •     ==> ability to update the language from MyPads header ;
    •     ==> language selection at subscription and on the user profile ;
    •     ==> database saving ;
    •     ==> related unit and functional testing.
    •     Fix the launch order of the plugin inside Etherpad ; Express session share between Etherpad and MyPads.

    Part of these improvements have been made after an intern pre-beta launch on Monday and Framasoft members feedbacks.


    The Linux Server that powers beta version has been prepared to receive it and a script has been written for regular data wipe-out. Online demo version follows the master branch of MyPads. Besides this version is not yet optimized nor finished, you can suffer from temporary bugs or problems there.

    Remaining tasks before stable version has been listed on our Gitlab. A few bonus are planned for the next months and will be slowly merged from the future develop branch to the stable one.

    Beta has been launched Thursday with a Framablog news and an Ulule one, for donors.

    During this couple of days, one crash has happened. Because of a bad protection of the public API, as part of password check of a already authenticated user. When no password is given, thing not possible with the Web client unless intentional modification of HTML code, the used crypto function stops, carrying MyPads and Etherpad. The bug has not been reported but we achieve to found and fix it. Some unit tests have been written in order to avoid a come back in future versions.

    In total, hundreds of people go to the beta and test it. However, we’ve got few reactions : some comments at the bottom of the blog post, on Framaspere Diaspora node or on our Gitlab. We are aware that creating an account on our Gitlab instance to interact can feel like a constraint but it is important to Framasoft to host its own data. Github is only used as a mirror and so issues are not activated there. Please note you can login with your Github account if you want to.

    In any case, do not hesitate to give us your criticisms, suggestions and feelings. It’s important to help us to offer you good quality software. And of course, thanks to all who take some time to test MyPads.

    Week 25 : what will be done

    You already have planned elements for this month but in details, these next days :

    •     server side localization for API messages, especially error messages that are directly displayed in the Web client ;
    •     bookmarks module for pads and groups management ;
    •     user login usage for created pads, and the option, inside the user profile, to select a favorite color ;
    •     public pages : for group sharing, an URL may be sent to your contacts, allowing them to see public or private groups directly inside MyPads (in the last case, the password will be asked before any interaction).
  • A fist software demo on our Git !

    Sorry english users, but we're afraid the full blog post is only available in French here... anyway we wanted to share the good news with all of you!

    So, to sum it up, we are announcing that a first demo of Mypads (the etherpad "private pads & groups" plugin) is available here.

    Please be aware that this is only a first demo, that shouldn't be used for profesionnal puposes, and that your test accounts & datas will be deleted at least once a day for testing purposes.

    The code is also available on our git here, for you to clone, test, and report any bugs (you'll need to do your own npm install, though). We will push mypads on npmjs only when we consider the plugin stable.

    This is a very big first step we wanted to share with you. We keep on working on MyPads development and you will stay informed (in fully translated posts ^^) as soon as new steps are acheived.

    The MyPad/Framasoft Team.

  • MyPads, week 23

    What have been done

    A little bunch of things have been worked this week, especially :

    • a first draft of the admin sharing and user invitation module (restricted visibility) for groups
      • at the moment, it only supports existing accounts and needs you to enter user login;
      • but it will soon evolve to also allow email addresses and external users invitation, including in restricted mode;
      • it’s possible into this module to dismiss permissions given to other administrators or users.
    • pad view module with
      • automatic creation of etherpad pad at the first display;
      • effective removal when you delete the pad from MyPads;
      • access filtering for restricted and private modes;
      • free access for public mode;
      • password handling, to be entered when visibility has been set up to private.
    • private, with password, and public pads sharing, through the etherpad direct URL. The user interface is for now basic and will evolve to a better integration;
    • archive mode for groups, that display the HTML export for linked pads;
    • a few bugs fixes;
    • unit and functional testing of worked modules;
    • finally, the resolution of the problem described during week 17, by means of a change when MyPads is configured, after the etherpad instance has been launched. This doesn’t allow YAJSML middleware to conflict with MyPads proper functioning anymore.

    What to expect from this new week

    About week 24, there are number of short tasks and little improvements to do. Moreover, work is planned on :

    • bookmarks management module per user : groups and pads;
    • setup of Web client localization handling (be able to select the user interface language) and translation to French;
    • a correct support for permissions with a true separation between users and admins of groups and the arrival of MyPads plugin administrators.
  • MyPads, week 22

    Achieved tasks

    Last week has been used for :

    1.     the group’s details module, that includes
      •         the display of all group properties;
      •         group administrators and users lists;
      •         list of linked pads.
    2.     a basic pads management from this page, with
      •         new pad creation, by entering its title;
      •         its edition, actually its renaming;
      •         the deletion of the pad;
      •         finally, pad bookmarking.
    3.     functional testing of this page.

    Pads management is not entirely finished because the Web client does not offer yet to overwrite group visibility options at the level of the pad. In other words, for example, if a group is defined as public, all linked pads will inherit. This behavior will be improved soon.

    About week 23

    Some important tasks should be done this week. As a priority, user invitation, administration sharing of the group. In accordance to available time left, a webpage grouping all bookmarked elements will be created. MyPads translation to French may be done too.

  • MyPads, week 21

    Tasks done

    The contractor has paused the development for medical reason during week 20 and for part of week 21. So progress has been focused around group list page with :

    • a clear separation between bookmarked groups, archived ones and others;
    • a light redesign of visible elements per group into this page;
    • search by keyword, case-insensitive, processing group names and tags;
    • ready-made filters : groups I am administrator, those I am just user, restricted, private or public groups;
    • tags filters : a list of all tags used for displayed groups is available into the filters sidebar and it’s possible to select one or more;
    • each filter is cumulative : for example you can search for groups with the word « computer », which have tags « tooltip » and « development » and are public;
    • functional testing of this module.

    This week

    Pads management, into the Web client, will finally begin and should be done this week. It’s also planned to start user invitation for groups and pads and administration sharing with other.