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The espadrilles by Krama Heritage

A social impact, a lifestyle product, espadrilles for this spring

About the project


Pre-order your pair of Krama Heritage espadrilles, fusion of two ancestral savoir-faire hand-assembled in an ethical fashion in Phnom Penh.

Model for men and women, 6 colors available, sizes 35 to 45 and possibility of collecting your pair in Paris (no shipment fees). Receive your pair early June.


The espadrilles by Krama Heritage: our launch campaign

Hello everybody ! We are Krama Heritage, a French brand committed into ethical fashion and for the development of Cambodia, our beloved country, where everything started. As a traditional and cultural scarf, the symbolic of the Krama resonated with us. Beyond the scarf of belonging of a people, we saw it as the means to act concretely for Cambodia. We also saw into it a modern and timeless pattern that could be worn by people that care just as much about the style of a product, as its manufacturing ethics or the values it is run through.

 After of our first Kramas collections, we today want to launch Krama-made espadrilles for spring. Why Krama espadrilles ? For three reasons :

-First, to showcase other types of crafts in Cambodia and initiatives that inspire us, as is the case of Sébastien and his espadrilles sewing shop that we are presenting to you in our campaign video.

-Second, because you asked us Krama-inspired accessories for summer and the espadrille meets all our criteria: it’s lifestyle because it embodies a way of being free and laid-back, universal as it can be worn by women, men, of every age, every style, and we see it as a perfect product for you our community, the bearers of Krama espadrilles will recognize each other in the street ;)

-Third beause we want to extend our social impact and vision of fashion to other sewing shops and other products categories and offer you espadrilles that are not only pretty but that are also hand-made, and of which you know the manufacturing conditions and the social impact for the origin country.

Our espadrilles project, concretely

Our vision

Our vision is to showcase initiatives that inspire us in Cambodia, promote Cambodian crafts and offer you the fashion accessories you want while staying faithful to Krama Heritage’s identity. This is the reason why it’s really with you that we are launching these espadrilles, with crowdfunding : you will be the ones determining with the number of your preorders if we will be including or not the Krama espadrilles into our permanent offer ! Also, here again depending on your welcoming of the campaign, it is other Cambodian crafts creations that we could showcase in the future.

Sébastien and his sewing shop


As a social entrepreneur, it matters most to Sébastien to guarantee good conditions for every crafts-person he employs. Better than that, by the principles he puts in place, the well-being of his crafts-persons is for him a priority.

Sébastien works today with 6 crafts-persons, aged between 23 and 36. It is with Thida, his sewing shop manager, that he begins the adventure. The fair wage and voluntarily higher than the minimum wage that he offers his employees allows them, a rare thing for the textile industry employees in Cambodia, to obtain bank loans for concrete projects, such as housing. The sewing shop’s crafts-persons all benefit from health insurance.

 Sébastien insists also on the personal well-being of the crafts-person. First, by setting up a day-care: the crafts-persons have the possibility to have their children who finish school early by their side at the workplace. A very uncommon thing in Cambodia, he teaches them (in Khmer which he learned) how to work as a team and in sharing. To his eyes communication is a personal development vector for his employees. 


Know everything about the espadrille

The hand-made espadrille requires a lot of concentration, regularity and technique. Two teams of crafts-persons are mobilized for each pair the realisation of which requires about one hour and a half work.

The espadrille’s sole is made out of woven jute. The jute is a reed the fiber of which, once dried, becomes very flexible so that it is possible to make a rope out of it. The jute has also the advantage of being hypoallergenic, which allows to wear the espadrilles barefoot. It is finally eco-friendly as it does not require any treatment since it is natural.

A nonslip rubber layer is added: it allows to lengthen the espadrille’s life expectancy. All the fabrics that are used are 100% cotton and doubled: Sébastien goes looking for them at the Phnom Penh market with suppliers he made sure of the sound manufacturing conditions. The jute and the rubber come from China, in the Guangzhou region. 

The assembling of the espadrilles is finally hand-made: the visible sewing, signature of our espadrilles, is the product of the patience and dexterity of an expert hand.

Our espadrilles’ Krama

The production of the Kramas we supply to Sébastien is assured by a cooperative located in Phnom Penh that employs 22 lady-weavers. It is our Petits Kramas models, hand-woven and 100% cotton-made that we chose for our espadrilles.

That sewing shop is the historical one we have been working with, it is there that we have realized all our Typical Kramas collections. We go there every time we go to Cambodia, we know well the weavers that we are every time happy to meet again.

We chose this sewing shop due to its ethics: the weavers of the sewing shop are all aged between 19 and 40, they work 9 hours per day until 5:30pm in a workplace that is of no danger to them. The weavers receive three meals per day at the workplace. We purchase our Kramas at a high price to generate material economic fallout for the weavers and their families. By valuing their crafts production outside Cambodia, we are happy to represent for them a « great improvement opportunity of their life conditions » (these are their own words) and to have contributed to the development and enlargement of the sewing shop


Krama Heritage: know everything about us

What is at the heart of Krama Heritage is our double social project for Cambodia and our community. We invite you for that matter to have a look at our website  everything is explained there and we put lots of photos on the website.

One scarf, One skill is the first of our social projects: we today create social impact for 122 weavers and crafts-persons in Cambodia in 14 different sewing shops. With Sébastien’s sewing shop, we would be counting 128 crafts-persons and 15 sewing shops ! Creating social impact means giving work in ethical and fair-trade conditions. That means working only with adults, in a work environment in which the crafts-person is considered and valued and that guarantees him a fair wage.

One scarf, One smile is the project that allows us to help young generations in Cambodia through education. We have been financing and supporting from the start the NGO For a Child’s Smile (Pour un Sourire d’Enfant - PSE) that does a wonderful job in its education centers in Cambodia. PSE welcomes in their schools and trains to a skilled job 6,500 children every year in their centers and our help focuses on the NGO’s school catch-up program. To this day, we have donated to PSE €10,023, equivalent to 3,341 days of school for its pupils: this is a beautiful first achievement that we are proud of.

From the beginning we have built Krama Heritage with a community of bearers that we wanted to be inclusive and international. It had to be everyday people that were to be seen on the screen, not professional models but friends you recognize with fun. In the begining it was our friends we invited to our shoots, then we organized new ones in London, Saint Petersburg, Rio de Janeiro… Recently, with the #One scarf, One story project, we wanted to give an even more humanist face to Krama Heritage, by associating the photo of the bearer to the telling of his/her story, told as a I.

We are proud to have to this day won the trust of the big blogs and the big fashion newspapers in France, of 160 points of sale in Europe and of the first wearers of the Krama we have met in pop-up stores, that have placed orders on our website and that have given a great welcome to our brand.

Our offices are at the Atelier Meraki in Paris in the 11th district, 14 rue Neuve Popincourt, come and see us, we would be delighted to meet you.

We are Raphael and Victoire, we come respectively from Paris and Nantes and we both gratuated from the Essec business school. Raphael is Krama Heritage’s founder and it is in September 2017 that he started dedicating himself fully to the brand. Victoire joined him in October 2018 in the founding team. We both believe in an entrepreneurship bearer of cultural, social, aesthetical values: entrepreneurship is a force that can move the world forward in the right direction. That espadrilles campaign, that video we shot with an Iphone, it is a project in which we put all our heart, from the choice of the design with Sébastien to the editing of the video (so many back-and-forth with Fanny and Antoine our editors !) to the writing of the script and the shooting of the sequences in Cambodia.

The Krama espadrilles: let’s launch them together ?

Why pre-order your pair

This Krama espadrilles project, we really want to launch it with you. We want that this summer you wear espadrilles that will not only draw all sights, but also espadrilles you’ll be proud of. Proud of having supported our project and proud to have by your action taken a stance for a more ethical and humane fashion.

With your pair of espadrilles, you will contribute directly to the development of the work of 28 crafts-persons and weavers and to the action of For a Child’s Smile in Cambodia: every pair of espadrilles allows us to finance a day of school for one pupil in PSE’s catch-up center. In reality even slightly more as we donate to PSE €3.5 for every pair you buy and as the cost of one day of class for the NGO is of €3.

For every batch « pair of espadrilles + Krama » that you choose, we donate 10% directly to PSE to have a maximum impact for education in Cambodia. For your contribution to be meaningful to you, we indicate the equivalent of your donation in terms of days of class financed rounded to the closest unit. For instance, a €65 batch pair of espadrilles + Traditional Krama = €6.5 donated = 2 days of class financed (we round up to 2 days of class in order not to write 2.2 days of class but it is indeed 2.2 days of class that we finance !). A day of class is 8 hours of lessons in maths, Khmer, social science and natural science that are given to the pupils.

Last, by pre-ordering your espadrilles with our campaign, you are freeing €10 of budget to be able to buy ice-creams this summer ! Yes : with this crowdfunding campaign only we offer you the small price of €35 one pair. It is a launch price that we would not be able to offer you if we had to include our retailers’ margin: it’s time to increase your ice-cream budget ;)


How do I choose my size and my color ? When do I receive my pair ?

 Our espadrilles are available from size 35 to 45. Choose your pair at your size: if your size is 41, go for 41. If however you have an intermediary size, you can round up to the smaller size: if your size is 41.5, choose 41.

 If you want to see how our espadrilles look like, ours samples are at your disposal at the Atelier Meraki in Paris in the 11th during all the campaign: write us ;)

We will also have extra espadrilles to allow you to exchange your pair if it is too small or too big.

 As soon as you have made your color’s choice and pre-ordered your pair, we will write you during the week to ask for your size and color choice.

If you have the slightest question, write us on [email protected].

If you are amongst the first contributors, you will receive your pair early June. We will confirm you the exact reception date end of May.

So to be pimped up begining of June, do not wait to order your pair of espadrilles ;)

Your rewards


We launch the espadrilles together ! We count on you !! ;-)

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