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Erica Romeo - the new EP

Erica Romeo goes Electro

About the project

Hello everybody!

Erica Romeo is a electronic project born in 2015 from the encounter between Erica (me) and the producer Federico Altamura (in 2014 she was discovered by Ibanez Guitar, which produced the ballad "Little Corner").

The first EP, intitled White Fever, is a 7 tracks album which mixes folk and electronic music and it was published last October under the british label Oracle Records ltd.

I performed on few italian stages, such as Expo, Mei, Meeting del Mare,Supernova Music Fest, Arezzo Wave and more, getting good reviews and interest from public and press.
During the 2016 we have started the recording of my second album, leaving definetely the folk sound and just focusing on electronic music.

White Fever was entirely produced by me, I took care of the whole project: now I need a hand to reach my dream and to realize my second EP!

If you support my music, you will be rewarded in different and customized ways, such as a CD that contain new songs I wrote during my trips around Europe; the meet&greet , beautiful T-shirts, the chance to assist to the recording of the Cd or to be part of the videoclip..and Much More!

What are the funds for?

Basically the cost for the recording of the cd is 2.500 euro. If I reach the crowdfunding campain goal, I will be capable to cover the 80% of that cost!

If I reach more, like 3.000 euro, I would be capable to cover the 100%.

Instead with 5.000 euro I'd be able to record and print the CD; to make the videoclip; to pay the PR agency.

But no rush!

Step by step on the road!
Now the first goal is 2.500, a sum very important in order to make my dream come true!

About the project owner

"Erica loves cats. She has two, Gianfilippo and Nerina.
She likes to cook and to eat, but she hates washing dishes.

Erica writes and sings since she was 16, she enjoys playing guitar and keyboards.

In the last year she played on 35 stages, including Mei, Expo, Meeting del Mare, Arezzo Wave and others.
She won the third place of the Supernova Music Fest contest.

She likes taking photos on Instagram.

She is Ibanez endorser, for which she wrote the folk ballad "Little Corner".

The song White Fever is about extermination of cultures, how the white men killed the Native Americans in the name of progress.

Even if she doesn't like politicized music, she supports political and social ideas, actively.

She enjoys writing in third person about herself. "

And now an acoustic live session for

Some links:

White Fever - the videoclip
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