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Belts . Upcycled leather . Made in France

About the project

Thank you so much for your supports  💚

Entoure's adventure continues here : www.entoure-paris.com




⭐️Numbered limited editions of stylish contemporary belts numbered >> exclusivity !

🌱Upcycled luxury leathers >> good for the environment & for you !

🇫🇷Made in France >> promotion of a valued craftsmanship ! !

A simple observation can spark reinvention : our world is changing, environmental concerns continue to mount, trends pass.

It’s time for a change !

Entoure creates timeless contemporary belts made from upcycled leather which respect the environment and its people. 

Their ambition : be the timeless, central part of the wardrobe. Whether looped in well-worn jeans or proudly wrapped around a stylish coat.  Entoure belts forgo the traditional, heavy buckle of the past. A unique, pin-and-tuck closure creates a light, elegant look. Light. Stylish. Unique. 






La Nouee is 2.5 centimeters wide and made from high-quality, soft-to-touch leather. Its shape, "classic with a twist" makes light of trends & seasons : you are the one who decides !




With a discreet fastener hidden at the back of a nice bow-knot, let inspire all your silhouettes. Its very feminine shape made of 6cm wide of soft leather will close long coats & trench with panache.




From navy inspiration, the feminine & delicate bow-knot has been thought to highlight your silhouette. Once closed, 4 little metallic points will appear and illuminate all dresses and any shirts 




This one is named "Versatile" because of the different ways you can attach it : the classic way, letting smartly appear 2 metallic pin-and-tuck. Or the destructed way for a coolness attitude.




Less is more, the unisex bracelet exists in a unique adjustable size 





Inspired from La Nouée belt, the key-ring will fit in all your pockets




Upcycled leathers = limited editions

All reused leathers exist in limited quantity, which explains why I am doing limited edition belts. That is actually why they are all numbered.
Because each color is limited, do not hesitate to order as soon as possible, to have a maximum choice of colours.
I will inform you regularly about availabilities according to your orders.




Entoure, its a timeless fashion, made of upcycled leather to be worn for years. Not fast-fashion, but well-worn fashion. Over time:  softer, more comfortable and more loved.

Leather is magical. It moves with the times and the ever-changing styles.

Made with Love. Entoure only uses upcycled leathers carefully selected for their low-impact on the environment. Made by skilled craftsmen in France, each belt is carefully crafted and unique.

Light. Stylish. Unique. 

If I choose to make everything in France, it is for the following reasons : 

  • assure you a high quality fabrication
  • support local employment
  • produce within short channels & reduce our carbon footprint
  • value a precious know-how




All shipments in France are offered, free of charge.  For deliveries within Europe & UK, shipment is between 10 Euros and 15 Euros, depending of the product you have ordered. Orders can be directly picked up at the Ulule location in Paris, so we can meet.

Orders will be shipped at the end of the initial production slated for the end of June 2019.  Shipments will be done early July 2019.

If you would like to make a gift before the date of delivery, please contact me at [email protected], we will send to the lucky person a lovely card letting her/him know that a belt is currently being done for her/him.

Your specific size and color request will be handled following your order. When you place your order on Ulule, you will not be requested to select color or size.  For each order, I will personally contact you via email to determine your specific size and to take your color request.

In order to find your size, there are 2 ways : 
1) simply mesure your waist circumference
2) or mesure your current belt from the buckle to the whole you use the most
> this gives you your size in cm, please round it to 5 (from 70 to 120)

Your Entoure leather belt will soften with time.  Small folds in the leather will naturally appear with usage and time. The leather will gradually smooth, and the color will soften.  Try to wear the bow-knot in the same direction, as it will slowly take on the form of your waist.  Avoid contact with water and rough surfaces. Place your Entoure belt in its pouch when not being worn, for optimal care.

If in the unfortunate case you are not happy with your Entoure belt,  you have 15 days from the time of reception to return the belt, as long as it has not been worn. There is no reimbursement.  You will have the option to either exchange for a different Entoure belt of the same monetary value, or to request a credit.  Return shipment fees are not covered by Entoure. Each returned Entoure belt must be sent back in its original box and include its tag.  The belt must not be worn or show signs of being worn.  In the event of any damage to the returned Entoure belt beyond that normally needed to try on the product, Entoure reserves the right to refuse any form of reimbursement.

I'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please contact me by email: [email protected]

What are the funds for?

Your support means the world to me.  It gives me the passion for combining fashion and ecology for a better world.

About the project owner

My name is Amelie, and I live in Pantin.

Thanks to an ecologist mother, a recycler father, and ten years spent in the luxury world, an idea started to emerge. What if a new form of luxury could exist. One not based on the brand name, but on what the brand stood for. 

The luxury to be stylish while serving a greater purpose.

Voila, Entoure. Thanks to you this is only the beginning. 


Entoure wouldn't be where it is today without Laura, Mary, Samia, Clément and Aymeric, my five amazing models who lent their beauty for our photo shoot and video.  Big thanks also go to a very talented group of individuals who worked tirelessly and believed in Entoure throughout its creation: 👨🏻‍🎨Yann Veper, Edouard Marollaud, Yung Hui Lamoulen, 📷Clément Lauchard, Laura Lecat, 🎥Nicolas Barek 👩🏻‍💻Chloé Camille, ✍🏻Hélène Delloye et Anne-Laure Naumowicz, 🇺🇸🇬🇧Susan Langmann & of course🧚🏻‍♀️Julie Perrin. Many thanks also to all my relatives who have supported me from the very beginning of this amazing adventure 😉

Thank you!


To start production and ensure the collection is available beginning July 2019 (so that you're all well belted), I need the maximum number of orders in the next few weeks.

So, please share the Entoure campaign on your social media channels. Talk to your friends and family. Help me get the word out ☺️

Have a look at the social media channels to get the latest photos and news on Entoure:

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