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Eric ANTOINE's new photo book

About the project

Welcome on the page of the book project "ensemble seul" compiling the work of photographer Eric ANTOINE from the past 5 years.

Who am I?

For those who don't know my work, it is useless to detail it with words here, the best is to follow those links and watch the video here:

My website: ericantoinephoto.com

more informations in this article:


and if you are in France or Germany you can also watch a daily documentary TV clip every day from 25 to 29th of May,  during the mid day news at 1.20 pm, and online at info.arte.tv.

I will post the link for all the episodes here after June 1st.

The idea:

I would like to create a photography book with a quality that comes close to the exigence I have with my ambrotypes. very dense blacks, a silvery aspect and most of all a way of printing that is faithful to the originals.

The process I use is very complex and the images I obtain are unique. The light in the silver reflections, the density of the blaks, the creamy tones. The stake for me is to manage to be faithful to all those caracteristic but on paper with an Offset printing process.

To do so it takes a very precise work with pre press but also a good graphic designer that keeps the subtle graphic identity I need and of course a very good printing process.

During my last exhibition "black mirror" in Paris, so many people asked if there was a book about my work that I became confident that such a project could interest many people and it was time to launch it. It took a while so I could get all the photos I still felt the need to creat to complete the series but now it's time.

Without you help, I cannot realize this project that became more of a very important dream.

What is the goal of this ULULE crowdfunding campaign?

The goal is to publish an edition of 500 books that reflect my work with some words to explain it. I cannot finance it alone, I was very exigent with the choices of paper, printing, layout, size and the general quality so I could not really reduce the costs much. To be totally transparent, the price I sell it here is slightly over the cots of producing a book. I don't do this to make any money, it will costs me some most probably, I just want it to exist so bad, it is one more piece of my artwork, a new objet...and you can help me and own it.

Why crowdfunding?

I believe crowdfunding is the only way to reach all the people who are interested in my work or just discovered it. Also I will be able to see if I can or cannot publish 500 copies, and also I would know if it's possible to publish even more, who knows!?

usually, the only way to acquire my work, wether it is ambrotype, prints or lithographic prints is to get it in galeries or to come at my place. Here is is possible to purchase those at a good price, exceptionnaly and for the good cause. 

What will the book look like?

"ensemble seul" will be 196 pages. (You can find some of the images that will be in the book on my website under black mirror or ensemble seul.)

85 images have already been selected and a few more will be added before the final layout.

A foreword has been written by Heloïse Conesa, curator, responsible for contemporary photography at the french national library, photography historian and a text inspired by my images from  Vanessa Schmitz-Grucker, journalist and writer.

"ensemble seul" will be printed with the three color process with a special mix of one color with silver. This particular process was used for my last book "PORTLAND" and I was fully satisfied with it.That time I will choose a coated mat paper and a selective varnish will cover the images. It will have a hot stamped fabric cover.
The format is 245mmx300mm, landscape layout.  It is quite a large format for a photo book, I wanted to be as close possible as my favorite glass format for my photos, 24x30cm

Here are a few exemples of the book  pages :

And of course the limited edition box, handmade by some very patient and precise people here. The box is deleivered with an artprint on hahnemuhle paper selected for that purpose. It is possible to choose from 2 pictures (see below)

What is happening now?

This book is now for sale here.
once 15000€ is reached, the collected funds will allow me to produce my dream book and start distributing it.

This 15000€ amount does not cover all the costs but I would rather not take any risks as the rules of the crowdfunding are strict. Of course the pre sales are still open and you can still buy the book and we can reach a higher amount.

What is the advantage of buying here?

It is a good way to get the book cheaper (60€ instead of65€) and it will be delivered at home before its release!

It also is interesting for the other acquisitions

For exemple a 18x24cm ambrotype would be sold 3000€ usually and here you can get it with a book for 2000€. If you plan was to acquire one piece of my work, now might be the time.

Your name will be mentionned in the book.
Check the different proposition but you can also get a signed and numbered book here

Also a special word can be added in you book if you give me a hint...

Finally you will help creating a book that is the missing link in my artwork and I will be extremely greatful.

When will that book be released?

Release date should be September 2015.

What are the photos I could get if I buy a print?

You can choose from those two images:

What ambrotypes would I be able to chose from if I buy one?

For the 3 original ambrotypes, the best is to contact me so I can send you a list of images. Here is an exemple (not all  ambrotypes are framed like this) :

What lithographic print is proposed here?

here is the photo that was used to make lithographic prints using a 19th century machine on some very nice italian paper:

and for the last week you can now get this one:


What are the funds for?

What are the actual costs of the book?

A global cost of over 27000€ is needed to produce "ensemble seul"

Graphic conception/layout: 1500€

Pre press stage: 9000€

Printing: 15000€

Text/translation/other minor costs: 1500

Add to this the shipping costs, printing od the flyers, posters and artprints but also the 8% that ULULE takes on the colllected amount...well, you get the picture, the more we collect here, the easier it will be to fund this project.

About the project owner

I am a photographer based in France, my artwork is shown in galleries and museum around europe. It is mostly large format glass plates shot with an old process. Everything is explained in those links and in the video up there.