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New piano album Enrico Coraci

Help me make my new album!

About the project

Hi everyone, my name is Enrico Coraci and I am a pianist, composer and music producer from Italy.
My project concerns the realization of my new piano album (composed of over 10 inedited and original compositions), to be released by June 2018.
Many of the new songs were composed during the previous year, and others are still being finalized. The release date has not yet been defined, but the album will certainly be released before the summer.
It is also foreseen the creation of at least 3 music videos whose filming will be performed during the month of March, April and May.
The video above was shot for a song from my previous album called 'Liberarsi'.
I really believe in this project, because music is my means of communication. With my music I want to transmit what I feel, and that sometimes with words you can not say.
If I have arrived here, it is mainly thanks to those who have supported me in recent years and thanks to those who have simply appreciated my music.

What are the funds for?

The funds will only be used to realize the entire album.
The costs of the project are so many:
- Recording studio to record all the pieces.
- Mix and mastering.
- Realization of at least 3 music videos (see my latest video 'Liberarsi'), video shootings, aerial shots, piano transport, staff, video editing and rendering.
- Production costs of physical disks (CDs).
- Sponsorship and promotion costs.
- Digital distribution of the new album in all digital stores and streaming services.

About the project owner

My name is Enrico Coraci, I'm 20 years old and I'm a young pianist, composer and music producer from Italy. I live in Alcamo, Sicily (province of Trapani).
At the age of 11 my passion for music and piano was born, and at 13 I started composing as a self-taught person.
I have always been inspired by the emotions that I felt inside me, from sadness to happiness, from joy to pain.
Over time I have technically perfected my skills to release my first piano album (composed of 10 original pieces) entitled 'Liberarsi', on January 31, 2017.
After finishing my studies and graduating, I started to dedicate all my time to music.
The road is hard, but we have only one life to do what we really like.

To all the people who supported me,

Enrico Coraci