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The Unknown Woman of the Seine - VR Mystery Hunt

A 360 Mystery Hunt in time & space

About the project

In this one-of-a-kind game, mixing outdoor Mystery Hunt and flashbacks into the Belle Epoque period (1900) thanks to Virtual Reality, your mission is to find all the hidden clues and finally solve the mystery of the Unknown Woman of the Seine.

Go back in time to solve a genuine investigation! 100 years ago, a woman was found drowned on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris. Who was this mysterious woman? Was it a murder? Who are the other strange characters? Is the killer hiding among them?

It's your turn to investigate!

Based on a true story. 

The Unknown Woman of the Seine was a famous story in Europe in the early XXth century. It inspired French song writer Serge Gainsbourg for his song "La noyée" ("The drowned woman").

A woman was found dead nearby the river Seine in Paris. Her face and her intriguing smile inspired numerous literary and artistic works. The newspapers tried to find who she was but no one ever identified her. They name her "The Unknown woman of the Seine". We imagined a new story about this inquiry and what may have happened...

The protagonists:

How does the game actually take place ?

  • join us on the Île Saint-Louis for an hour and a half hour game (date at your convenience from September)
  • we give you the "investigator kit" : Virtual Reality headset ; headphones ; map of the island ; Sémaphore
  • discover the history of Île Saint-Louis 
  • walk around in search of real and "virtual" clues:

at specific locations, use the free gift Virtual Reality headset to view 1900 scenes as if you were there... and solve the mystery!

Example on the right: the free gift headset will be used with your own smartphone that will serve as a screen. The specially designed videos will allow you to watch the scene by turning your head in all directions... ie 360 degrees.

View the first 360 sequence of the game:

NB: On YouTube, click on the "HD / settings" icon on the screen to select the best quality.
You can watch this video with a Virtual Reality headset, but also on your computer (use the keypad or arrow keys to move) or with a smartphone (move the image by touching the screen or by moving the phone).
Do not forget to look in all directions, this video is in 360 degrees!

What are the funds for?

Book your tickets now...
And become the heros of a whole new adventure!

By contributing to the development of this project, you will not only have the pleasure of financing a project Made in France valuing Paris history and tourism, but also you will support a dynamic and friendly team, and a unique concept.

Now when asked what your job is you can say you are a « spatial investigator » !

For this, there is no need for a time machine, simply book your earlybird ticket (see right column "contributions") at the special price of 25 euros instead of 30, with additional discounts for groups. We are looking forward to welcome you on the Île Saint-Louis, and we will be wearing our costumes specially for the earlybirds! Today, we realized half of this project (written the rebound scenario of the survey, selected the actors and their costumes, shot the opening scene in 360 °, created your spatio-temporal investigator kit) .

The budget of € 10,000 is divided into four :

  • 50% shooting and post production
  • 30% costume hire and actors' fees
  • 12.5% ​​"investigator kit" including a printed map, a Virtual Reality headset, earplugs and "the Semaphore"
  • 8% commission goes to Ulule


Important: if we do not reach10,000 euros, you get your money back.
If we reach the goal, THANKYOU WE LOVE YOU, and you participate in an immersive, thrilling and unique mystery hunt.

About the project owner

This project started when a mystery hunt creator met with VR professionals and decided to join forces to offer you this unprecedented experience.

Inspired by Back to the Future or Cluedo, our idea was born years ago from a dream to create an immersive Mystery Hunt in the heart of Paris. The rapid evolution of Virtual Reality made the dream come true.

Mysteries Hunt
Cyril Golovtchan.
"The Unknown Woman of the Seine comes after 5 years of creating all sorts of Mystery Hunts, following the steps of Louis XIV or Arsène Lupin, in order to offer constantly improved games, mixing history and fun"

Experience 360
Anaïs Hakes & François Bouille, creators of 360 ° video and Virtual Reality content.
"This new experience proves the potential of Virtual Reality, aa way to travel in time and space ..."

The team of our first "Belle Epoque/1900 video":


To all our actors:
Daphne, Aurélie, Audrey, Megan, Caroline, Benjamin, Vincent, Olivier, Laurent L, Laurent F, David and Philippe.
To Damien J Jarry for music.
To Nicolas Alberny for post-production.

Join us on the crime scene for a friendly demo of the first 360 sequence:
friday June 23rd ; friday June 30th ; vfriday July 7th ; friday July 14th

Detailson our Facebook Page "L'Inconnue de la Seine"

Our first investigators, friday, June 16th

Contact us:
Anaïs : [email protected] ; Cyril : [email protected]                  
+33 (0)6 60 59 43 01