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Child Love Future (Enfant Amour Avenir)


About the project

Everything for the Child with Love for the Future


  • Created on 06 January 2012, approved by the Ministry of the Interior under No. 0028.

In order to determine our area of intervention, we have included here the map of the CAR, highlighting the map of Ombella-Mpoko and the map of Bimbo. Prefecture of L'OMBELLA-MPOKO which has 6 sub-prefectures and a population of : 356.726 inhabitants. Our activities will be carried out initially in the Sub/Prefecture of Bimbo, which alone has 211,661 inhabitants. It has 65 schools with 30,598 pupils, 15,715 boys and 14,883 girls. (Source: Prefecture)



Yamboro village with a population of 1,304 inhabitants, 1015 of whom are indigenous, including pygmies and others from Ouham, Ouaka and the DRC Congo; 144 children aged 3 to 5, 250 young men, 350 young women. For decades, this village has had no school.

A volunteer teacher was giving rudimentary classes under a shed on the ground to these children. Children from school age travelled 2 km upstream and 5 km downstream from the CI at CMII (6 years to 14 years) to get to the Ndangala school, which was already saturated and in poor condition. These children were victims of physical assault, sexual assault (2 little girls from the same family) and road accidents.



At the request of the NGO E.A.A., the EUROPEAN UNION (France) through FOMAC. built a complex.

The parents formed a committee and took on the management of this school. The new school year has started. On the parents' contributions some supplies were bought. Retired teachers, including a director and a headmistress sent by the Ministry, give lessons there while waiting to be completed by a state teacher promised by the Minister of Education.






Today, it is the opposite of the phenomenon, "Lack of schools" that is occurring. Children from the area have enrolled in Yamboro and there is a problem of space. Today, the Director is forced to refuse to enrol other children and this creates a lot of frustration.


We obtained from ROTARY-CLUB of Bangui, a financial aid of One Hundred thousand CFA francs (100.000 Frs CFA or 152.43 Euros) which allowed the realization of a surgical act on a 4 year old girl by Professor Michel ONIMUS orthopedic surgeon (Address in France: Rue de l'Eglise 25240 Gennin) who comes within the framework of the mission of the "AMIS COMTOIS" in Bangui (RCA) at the Centre des Handicapés Moteurs (CHRAM).

This child has been burned with boiling water since 2006 and the bad healing has retracted the arm, leaving the child disabled.


Here, Professor ONIMUS examining little Esther's arm with her parents and the head of the NGO.





The skin from the belly was removed for the arm graft.



We obtained from the Pediatric Doctor Dr GODI, the internship of 2 nurses, a laboratory technician for the village Yamboro.
Obtained from the Minister of Education the assignment of a professional director and a professional teacher to the Yamboro school.


What are the funds for?

In the immediate future, your donations will help finance the teachers' salaries, equip the health centre and rehabilitate the drinking water tower. 38€ = the remuneration of a teacher for one month.

As the project has prospects for the evolution of the structure, the limit of funds collected is not significant. It essentially allows us to guarantee an improvement for our children.

The surplus funds will therefore be equitably distributed between the construction of a fence to secure the premises, and the construction of two other classes to relieve congestion.

*(NB: Depending on the evolution of the campaign and the list of partners associated with the project, the distribution of the allocated funds is likely to change)

About the project owner

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