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Dreaming of queer utopias – A Work In Progress

  • Enchanted - the art-project

    Enchanted is not only a multi-movie-project.  Enchanted is a multi-media art-work! Film never stands alone by itself, but requires many other forms of art to be tied into it. It starts with the conception of an idea that has to be spun further through text and then converted into a script. This script then will transform into a story-board with concept drawings of scenes and takes. And after filming, cutting and editing, there still is the question of how and what music will be used in the film.
    We are still far from deciding on music, but some of the art we have produced can give you a glimpse of what is going to come – if we reach our funding goal. So keep spreading the word, it's the last three days!

    In the following, Maria, one of the directors and set-designer (and active in many other roles) has formulated her experiences and expectations of Entzaubert and Enchanted as a poem and a descriptive text. So allow yourself to be carried away by the beautiful words into the future and see what Enchanted is meant to be and realized as:

    One is arriving from a city near by

    They as an Ausländer

    one is presenting a film

    They just wanna have fun

    one just wants to put into practice

    one is sweating

    the queen welcomes/one is afraid

    we debate

    They come together

    Just behind the trees, they become linked under the leaves and strange diy constructions, a fragile ecosystem is emerging. Only for a few days and nights, different creatures from different places are gathered to hold a queer feminist reunion focused on cultural creation by the means of film production.
    A temporal community that interacts, shares knowledge and experiences, establishes bonds based in affection, common struggles, gathering different approaches. Energy flows.
    They have been repeating this instance of coming together, of developing bonds, of commemorating and celebrating the last 7 years consequently; only last year there was a break to the tradition. Ecosystems are dynamic entities— they are subject to periodic disturbances and are in the process of recovering from them. They are composed of different  systems that occasionally  come together, transform, and reassemble to create powerful means of communication and exchange.
    For several months now, they have been networking and building trust, same as physical and conceptual structures, that would enable this happening, carrying the knowledge of the past editions, while experiment each time different formulas. They are the Entzaubert collective.
    More than 100 films are presented coming from different parts of the world.
    The magical place that is chosen for this event is named Schwarzer Kanal, a queer-political space at the outskirts of Berlin.

    “We are interested in sharing experiences and build up bridges of solidarity”
    Gender-queer filmmaker Bri affirmed.

  • Revamp of the Rewards!

    With our crowd-funding campaign ending soon, it is time to add a little pepp to it! Especially with shooting the main scenes having ended, we re-do the rewards section, since we cannot guarantee anymore every one of them. For example, side-roles might not be able to be added in anymore. Since ulule doesn't allow the changes on the page itself (booo!), scroll down for more info on the new rewards-scale!

    The new rewards are even better than the old ones! Now you get a DVD from 10 Euros onwards already (sent anywhere in the world, regardless of shipping costs!) and get the chance for a private screening with at least one person from the creative team – and with it exclusive behind the scenes gossip ;) - Ideal to donate money as a group, with everyone putting together!

    Gutted that you did not wait with donating to get the better rewards? Donate again! We will count together what you donated altogether and send you rewards for your first donation (according to the old rewards-scale) AND rewards for your overall donation (according to the new rewards-scale)! And don’t forget, if you don’t have a credit card, contact us directly and we will provide you with banking details to issue a banker’s draft from anywhere in the world. So spread the word!

    New rewards:

    10 Euros -> A DVD sent anywhere in the world, your name in the credits and a download-link for the movie after release!

    20 Euros -> All of the above plus a poster signed by the creative team of Enchanted!

    30 Euros -> All of the above plus an invite to the release party and first public film-screening!

    50 Euros -> Want to have some of th probs and material used in the film? We once had to improvise with paper clappers when filming, of which 11 are remaining and will definitely become a collectable item soon! ;) Get one of those plus all of the above for 50 Euros!

    60 Euros -> All of the above (except paper clappers) and a printed booklet of all our visual material and exclusive behind the scenes footage on your DVD

    100 Euros -> Get all of the above times three - ideal for groups of people putting together!

    300 Euros -> Get all of the above times five plus an exclusive screening of the movie in your house with at least one person from the creative team with the chance of behind the scenes extra gossip! ;) (yet only available if your are from inside Germany, Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg, sorry to everyone else)

    Get a paper-clapper as a reward!

  • Enchanted is back!

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • Dates prolonged! spread the word! +++ some amazing feedback!

    Dear friends and supporters!

    we are so happy to announce you that we will keep on with the campaing until the 2nd of September!

    Ulule granted us some spare time, cause of summer/holidays condition, and we are gratefull!

    Please, keep on spreading the word between your friends and social networks, your help and support is appreciated!

    The entzaubert festival is over, it was an amazing festival, we have great footage allready-

    we learned a lot about ourselves and the world :)

    We will keep on shooting for the following weeks.

    We will keep you informed and you can follow us through our diary

    Meanwhile, for any rewards, just be patient :) 

    Thank you all for your love and support!

    the enchanted collective

  • James on Enchanted

    James, one of the directors of Enchanted tells us a bit about his film-making and what he hope to show us with and do through the Enchanted film-project:

    enchanted from enchanted beats on Vimeo.