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Empress Stah in Space

Launch 'Empress Stah' into Zero Gravity as 'Stah-Lite'

About the project

Empress Stah has a life long ambition to fly to Outer Space.

And what is she going to do when she gets there ? Put on a show of course !!

The final destination is a long, long way from home and so the journey must be broken down into smaller, more navigable steps.

I am now ready to take my first parabolic flight to experience the effects of weightlessness. This flight will be a research flight which will allow me to better understand the possibilities of working in Zero Gravity and formulate ideas for the next one which will be a full artistic endeavor.

The Zero Gravity Artists Consortium, ZGAC, founded by Frank Pietronigro, has invited me to present a performance and power point presentation of my work at 'FREEFALL! Arts, Culture and Humanity in Space Exploration', a documentary screening as part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival.

There is a parabolic flight scheduled in San Francisco at this time, and it is for this flight that I am raising the funds on this page.

I have taken many steps along this path already and they include ....

* 'Arts Council of England' funding for the research and development of a circus theater show that explores  the themes of Space and Evolution.  (2010)

* Attending the 59th International Astronautical Congress as a delegate of 'Less Remote: The Future of      Space Exploration - An Arts and Humanities Symposium'. (2008)

* Zero G - Neo Burlesque in Space. A cabaret performance series I produced in London based around  'Empress Stah and her Constellation'. This constellation exists as an aerial prop consisting of 7 inflatable  stars that I perform amongst.  (2009)

* Spill Festival Performance Tarot - I was commissioned to create 'The Star' tarot card as a part of their collaborative project with acclaimed live art photographer Manuel Vason for the SPILL performance tarot. (2009)

* Praxis Mohave - 10 day Performance Art Boot Camp with Ron Athey and Julie Tolentino at Desert Hot Springs. On a day trip to the 'Integratron' I spontaneously conceived and performed 'The language of M.I.P'. (2008)

* Flying 'Loop the Loop's' with my dad, Steve Power, in an acrobatic airplane and filming it !! (2009)



* A Platform for Change - 'Art Begging' on the street for 'Change' (April 2011)







New video in the 'Platform for Change' Series




What are the funds for?

The money is to pay for my place on a parabolic flight in Las Vegas on the 21st May.

This flight will give birth to Empress Stah's new alter ego 'Stah-Lite' - Stah-Lite my be described as being 'Implicit NOT Explicit' - See NEWS section for more details.


This will be a research flight so that I may know first hand the possibilities of working with micro gravity in a confined space.


The next phase will be to work with ZGAC to raise US$ 250,000.00 to charter a flight for artists .... there will be a call for submissions to join the fight ... It might be you !!!


About the project owner

Empress Stah is an internationally renowned, award winning, Aerial Artist, Neo Burlesque Cabaret Performer and Show Producer, whose signature performance is ‘Swinging from the Chandelier’.

Famed for her provocative and controversial style of show, Stah has toured the world with her repertoire of unique acts as well as producing her own sell out cabaret extravaganza’s in London and on tour, most notably  ‘The Very Best of Empress Stah’.

Empress Stah has recently completed a research project supported by The Arts Council of England, to develop a new solo show that explores the themes of Space and Evolution.

Stah has performed for Damien Hirst & Harvey Nichols, shared the bill with Dita Von Teese and Cirque Du Soleil and made guest appearances at The Box in NYC, La Clique and The Brit Awards.



This project has been supported by The Arts Council of England.



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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