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Empower Meditations

Making meditation more personal & accessible

About the project

Hi, I’m Jessie and I created my company Empower Meditations because I love connecting with people by giving them personalized meditation & mindfulness sessions. It’s also a mission of mine to release guided meditations for free. (listen to them for free here) I’ve given sessions to people who have never meditated before and they have found deep inner peace and relaxation. I’m raising money so I can market and further spread the word about my services to people who would benefit, in addition to funding my free guided meditations in podcast form. 

For supporting and donating to my campaign I want you to experience the same inner connection, sense of self and inspiration that people have experienced.  For donating you can receive some or all of the following: an exclusive confidence meditation, access to a supportive private Facebook group with live meditation/mindfulness programming, your own personalized session over video chat and a customized MP3 meditation recorded just for you.  Wonder if it’s worth it? Check out the experiences of others in the testimonial video below.




Influencer Marketing: I want people with engaged followers to share their testimonials so that others can be informed of my platform and inspired to book a session or listen to my meditations if they are inclined to. I only want influencers right for my brand to organically weave their experiences into their blog/instagram/podcast so that it has a genuine feel.

Mainstream Press Events: Because I want to reach an audience that doesn’t already meditate, mainstream media outlets are a great way to reach my ideal audience. There are events specifically for entrepreneurs to get in touch with journalists and mainstream media to boost awareness of companies and their missions.


Background Music: The wonderful and relaxing background music in my current meditation album is by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. I want to buy rights to more meditation music to put in my podcast so that each meditation can embody it’s theme and intention.

Studio Time: The meditations are best recorded in a recording studio so an audio engineer can edit and produce them. The high quality microphone and equipment in the studio also ensure that the meditations sound their best.


$10 🎧Exclusive Meditation: You’ll get an MP3 of the “Be Confident: Feel Good in Your Own Skin” meditation exclusive to this campaign. It is common for people to feel insecure about different aspects of their bodies so I wanted to create a meditation about embracing and loving our beautiful bodies the way they are. I hope this meditation helps anyone who is struggling in any way.❤️

$25 👥Access to Private Facebook Group: (In addition to the exclusive meditation) Facebook groups are a great way to connect, learn and grow. I want to create a community that’s supportive and loving. I will do many live meditations and mindfulness sessions based on the needs and requests of the group, along with other creative mindfulness content. Think of it as a portal to inspiration and support to aid you in your self-development journey!

$90 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️Personalized Session: (In addition to the exclusive meditation & facebook group) I love interacting with people one-on-one. Helping people with customized guided meditations and mindfulness exercises/conversations light me up inside. You can fill out a form beforehand so that I can start developing your unique session before you come in but I also improvise and tweak as we go along. These sessions take place over Skype or Zoom! This reward comes with one hour of session time. So you can order a one hour session or any combination of 15 and 30 minute sessions! For more info and inquiries you can visit my private sessions section on my website here.

$250🎙Customized MP3 Meditation: (In addition to all the rewards above) I will record a special guided meditation just for you! I will be sending you a form to fill out so I know just what to include in your unique meditation. This option is different than the live version because it lets you keep your meditation and replay it at any time you desire. 


After leading guided meditations on my college campus I was inspired to take up different opportunities to express myself and help people heal. While I was still in college I worked at an Elementary School leading meditations to kids and teachers alike. Then I worked at a corporate wellness company leading meditation and mindfulness programs in corporate offices. Being an entrepreneur right after graduating college isn’t the usual path but something inside of me felt like I could make a difference in people’s lives by following my inner calling. I created my business, Empower Meditations, the summer after I graduated college. When I feel insecure about starting my own business and becoming an entrepreneur, I remind myself of all the heart-warming reactions that I get when people have experienced my meditations. In particular, I remember that a counselor at the Elementary School I worked at said that she had tried so many resources and meditations out there, but could only relax to my voice. Statements like that fill me up inside and make me believe that are many more people out there in need of my services and meditations.


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