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turbans and head scarves Emma Lebré

development of the child range

About the project

I introduce myself, Lydia, creator since July 2015 of the brand of turbans and head scarves Emma Lebré, intended for the people who have lost their hair.

This project came to me following a breast cancer diagnosed in 2013. I had to go "fille au pair" in London, i did my routine exams before my departure...we noticed a size, no antecedent and yet the verdict falls three days before flying. Change of program, it will be chemotherapy, operation and radiotherapy in the coming months, in place of big ben, piccadilly circus and breakfast!!! I lost my hair, and many other things...but i was lucky to keep my humor throughout this ordeal, thanks in large part of my loved ones.

                       Photo credit Philippe Félicite

. I had 28years, and I found nothing which could correspond to my expectations, furthermore, a wig costs expensive and cannot be in it carried by everybody.
Further to one year in partnership with a school of fashion on Bordeaux and the help of the pupils as well as the speakers, my brand was able to be born and proposes a quite new concept (registered design with the INPI): A head scarf associated with a base removable volume, all in one product.
In this way, it slips like a bonnet while keeping the very chic and tendency of a head scarf.
The whole being completely made in France by two independent needlewomen.
At the moment I have only a collection of 6 turbans intended only for the women, my finances can't allow me more for the moment.

Indeed, currently in remission, during the creation of my company the bank granted me only a small credit which has been already of use me to the realization of numerous scarfs, the financing of my web site and my logo, and all expenses incurred by a business. I work side by side to meet my needs but I find myself blocked today to develop my brand.

Your support would help me to create a collection for the girls, it needs with few proposed choices there. And if I obtain beyond 4000€, I could also develop a quite new concept for the young boys, not existing for the moment I can't speak about it more in detail. But it will allow me to realize the prototype and to create the range.
I also plan to go up a video that will be diffused on the internet to make  people aware of the importance of the outlook, return the turban and the fashionable head scarf so that the people who are obliged to carry it feel more comfortable outside at their home.

This project is very important to me, I lived it and I want to help these people who pass through this event to feel better and to keep them confident, show them that everything is possible. The disease gave me a strength which I would like to transmit.
For 1 and a half year when my company took life, I have already given the smile to several women, made wonderful encounters and I can't stop now.
I therefore appeal to you, if my project affected you, interests you and if you wish to help me to be able to develop it even better.
Thank you beforehand for the interest which you will carry(wear) me and for your attention.

Photo credit Philippe Félicité



What are the funds for?

The financing will be:

  1. of use to the purchase of fabrics and to pay the needlewomen to create the collection for the girls and develop the women's range to best meet their expectations.
  2. The rest will be used  to pay the company's daily expenses (RSI, refund of the credit, the insurance)

According to the sum collected, realize the prototype for the young boys and can be launch the product..


About the project owner

I am a young woman of 31ans who takes advantage completely of all that life can offer him. We do not know about what tomorrow will be made ... Then let us take advantage and let us live our dreams, everything is possible as long as motivation and desire are there :-).

Photo credit Aurélie Lamourous

Web site

Instagram : emma_lebre 00

Facebook : Emma lebré (page)



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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