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Four poetic shorts by Vivienne Domain Reif

About the project

The series of Shorts: « ELEMENTS »
The four fundamental elements in our world are illustrated by human traits: water by beauty and desire, earth by force and commitment, air by love and sweetness, and finally fire, by art and passion. A poetic sequal, written and directed by
Vivienne Domain Reif.

One sunny afternoon, a handsome young man swims lazily in warm water. Spied on from the house, he provokes an ardent desire...

Two rugby teams compete valiently on muddy ground. With commitment and determination, each tries to take the advantage.

In a moment of intimacy, a man delicately places a feather on the small of his lover's back, then brushes it softly against her skin.

A sumptuous dancer literally inflames a cabaret and her audience of men with a sensual and provocative striptease. 


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Twitter : @elements_lefilm

What are the funds for?

The budget for this series of shorts will essentially pay for:

  • renting the film equipment
  • renting the lighting
  • renting a place (notably for "The Fire")
  • the costumes
  • the production department (transport of materials, feeding the team...),
  • a specialist in pyrotechnics
  • the post production.

So your help is essential to make this project happen!

About the project owner

Born in New York and raised in Paris, for 8 years Vivienne Domain Reif worked as director of post-production for companies such as Duboi, Sparx et Exmachina.
She has also worked as producer for Publicis Conseil.

For several years, she has devoted herself exclusively to writing and directing.
Passionate about all the arts, Vivienne is also a photographer, which enables her to better understand how to work surroundings and lighting.


Some of Vivienne Domain Reif's work:



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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