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Solar bonsaï Electree

Ecological charger for mobile devices

  • News about the Electree (December 5th 2011)

    Hello to all the Early Birds,

    Before all, we want to apologize for not giving some news earlier, but the month of November has been very intense and we wanted to gather as much information as possible before writing to you.

    We have some good news and one not so good news.

    Good news first:

    Samuel Zazaretti (1D&C, editor of the Electree) and Vivien Muller (designer of the Electree) went to China in November to meet with the managers of the plants which are in charge of producing the Electree. They were able to collect a lot of information and were as well able to give as much precision as possible to the producing team in order to make sure that the Electree produced respects the high quality standard that Vivien Muller had in mind for the Electree from day one.

    You can see below 2 pictures that were taken in the plant in China during the visit by Vivien and Samuel.

    Discussions were very productive and the Electree has been improved in its conception on several points including the following ones:

    - Solar panels of a higher quality have been chosen for the Electree. Not only they are of a higher quality but they are also smaller in size which improves the aesthetic of the Electree and make it lighter as well.

    - To keep on improving the quality, the practical aspect and the lightness of the product, it has been decided that the electrical connection, allowing to recharge the battery in case several days without sun occur, will be switched to a USB port. This will allow buyers of the Electree all around the world to find more easily the adaptor corresponding to their electrical wall plug.


    The not so good news is that the production start date has been delayed and the plants managers in China have extended their estimate of the time necessary to produce the Electree. There are several reasons for that :

    - It took longer than expected to gather all the payments from the Early Birds. This is independant from us, from you and from Ulule.com. Unfortunately, Paypal has not made it easy for us to work quickly on that point.

    - After hearing all the necessary precisions from Vivien and Samuel about the Electree, the plant managers in China have significantly extended their estimate of the time necessary for the production of the Electree.

    - In China, a national holiday at the end of the month of January stops entirely the activity for about one week long (pretty similar to the dead month of August for us in France when everybody is on vacation).

    - The necessary time to check that the Electree respects all the certification standard will take 2 weeks instead of one as expected initially.

    With all this considered, our partners in China have informed us that we will not receive your Electrees in France before the end of Februrary 2012.

    Like you, we were quite disappointed by this news but neither Vivien Muller, nor 1D&C, nor Mister Ecologie are willing to compromize on the quality of the Electree to save time because this would mean delivering to you an Electree which would not comply with the high standard level we have set at the beginning of this project.

    We are currently working to provide you with the numbered certificate of authenticity corresponding to your Electree as quickly as possible, before you even receive the Electree. This would allow those of you who were planning on offering the Electree as a gift before the end of the year to give this certificate as a symbol of the Electree to come.

    We will be able to tell you more about the certificate of authenticity before the end of this week, including when they will be made available.

    The next news we will provide you with are the following:

    - An example of the certificate of authenticity and some news about its delivery

    - Some pictures of the Electree prototype

    An adventure like the production of the Electree can face some issues but they do not jeopardize the project at all. Our motivation is stronger than ever because we are concretely making progress in the production process, despite the delays.

    We will inform you as often as possible of the next progress and we want to sincerely thank you again for your trust and support.


    Mister Ecologie for Vivien Muller and 1D&C

    Vivien Muller with our chinese collaborators












    On this picture, you can see Vivien Muller (designer of the Electree) on the far left. To the right, next to Vivien, the chinese partner of 1D&C (editor of the Electree), who speaks perfectly french which makes all the discussions easier, the manager of the plant in charge of producing the main elements of the Electree, and on the far right, the manager of the plant in charge of the electronic parts and of the complete assembling of the Electree.


    Chinese production plant













    This is a picture taken in the plant where the Electree will be produced. We wanted to make sure that this plant is really active, serious and that there were no children working there. Vivien Muller and Samuel Zazaretti were quite confident about these points after the visit.

  • Just before Electree production launching


    We wanted to give you some news about the Electree production.

    After the closing of the presale, Mister Ecologie has been working with Ulule.com on collecting payments from all the Early Birds. This phase is almost over.

    With a little bit more than 200 orders with the support from the Early Birds, Vivien Muller and the company 1D&C, editor of the Electree, have made some significant progress on the Electree production preparation. They are going to China next week to finalize the last finetuning points on the molding of each piece of the Electree. This trip will help save time even though today's communication technology would allow to work exclusively remotely.

    Preparation of the production can often be longer than the preparation itself considering the quality Vivien Muller is aiming for the Electree. For instance, a lot of research has been done in the past few weeks to find the most efficient solar panels possibles to set up on the Electree.

    Everything is moving forward progressively. We will most likely have some more news by the end of next week.

    Mister Ecologie

  • Goal reached !! The Electree will come alive

    Hello everybody,

    We are very pleased to announce that the goal of 200 presales of the Electree has been reached and even exceeded.

    We sincerely thank all the people who have shown their support to this unique item.

    We are currently working on collecting the payments of these presale to be able to launch the production as soon as possible. We really need that all the people who have paid their Electree through Paypal make sure that their account contains the necessary amount of money to prevent a delay in the production launching.

    1D&C, the editor of the Electree, has decided to have this first production of the Electree shipped by plane to France, to accelerate the following shipping to all the Early Birds who have bought an Electree. We still hope that will allow you to receive your Electree before the end of the year.

    Thank you again for all your support


    Vivien Muller, 1D&C, Mister Ecologie

  • Only 11 presale of the Electree necessary to reach our goal

    We are very close to our goal and there are only four days left !

    We only need to record 11 more presales to reach the goal of 200 Electree presold.

    Reaching this goal means that we will be able to launch the production of the Electree and give life to this project on which Vivien Muller has worked over 3 years.

    The support from all the Early Birds is essential in these last few days. Inform your family, friends, and acquaintances to have them buy their own Electree as soon as today.

    They will be the first in the world to receive the solar bonsaï Electree, a product with a unique design.

    Thank you again for all your support,

    Vivien Muller / 1D&C / Mister Ecologie

  • Presale target of the Electree lowered to 200 units

    After long negotations with the plant in charge of the Electree production, the Electree editor, the company 1D&C, has reached an agreement allowing to launch the production of the first batch of Electree with an order of 200 units.

    Considering this news, and the future potential developments of the Electree, represented by the numerous distributors who have shown a real interest for the Electree, Ulule has exceptionaly accepted to lower the presale goal to 200 units.

    This very good news allows us to hope to reach the presale goal before the end of October.

    We need, more than ever, that all the supporters of the Electree, all the 'Early Birds' use all of their networking power to record the last presales necessary to reach the goal.

    1D&C and Mister-Ecologie.com's teams as well as designer Vivien Muller will mobilize all their effort to reach the goal of 200 presales.

    We thank you sincerely for all the support you have shown to us so far. Let's keep up the effort in the next few days to give life to the Electree.