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Solar bonsaï Electree

Ecological charger for mobile devices

  • Last verification


    As the final delivery is coming up very soon, we need to check the shipping addresses.

    If you have moved since your order of the Electree, please, send us a message through Ulule with your new address as soon as possible.


    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C, and Vivien Muller



  • A few pictures


    We have received some pictures from the plant taken right before the end of the Electree production. You can see several pieces that make the Electree.












    The main plates of the Electree.













    Several pieces which make the Electree.













    The electronic card managing the electricity charge.

    More informations to come about the delivery dates.


    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C and Vivien Muller










































  • Production finished

    As we get closer to the end of the production, we are getting more news from the plant.

    All the little details are solved with the Electree, and the packaging is being redone this week. Everything should be finished this Friday April 27th.

    We are now only waiting for the certification process to end. It is taking longer than it should and the company 1D&C (editor of the Electree) has decided to send someone to the certification office to follow very closely this very last stage.

    We are waiting for the last planning to prepare for the arrival of the Electree in France which will happen in May for sure.

    We should be back with some more news soon.

    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C and Vivien Muller

  • Recent news about the Electree


    Here are the latest news about the Electree.

    The 1D&C team is currently at the plant in China.

    The last issues with the Electree are solved but the 1D&C team has refused the packaging as presented by the plant because it did not correspond to the plans.

    The packaging is easier to produce, hence we are hoping that this issue will be solved quickly.

    The certification of the product is moving forward in parallel.

    We are harassing the plant for them to give us a final delivery date but the information is difficult to obtain.

    We will keep you informed as news come in. We are really in the last mile and be assured that we are maintaining our effort.

    Thank you again for your patience.

    We will be in touch soon.

    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C, et Vivien Muller


  • The last mile

    Hello everybody,

    First, we would like to apologize for the lack of news in the past weeks.

    We need to explain that the production of the Electree takes place in China, such that it is difficult to get information from the plant, sometimes with a very long unnerving and frustrating delay.

    We have not received the complete stock of Electree as it was planned on April 10th but the production is almost over after some last minute modifications were taken in account.
     The plant in China has not provided us with the new exact final planning but we keep on pressing them to have the production finalized soon. Considering that there were some last minute modifications, the certification office requires that the Electree be analyzed again. This should take a little bit less than 2 weeks.

    All of this has not prevented us from receiving the first two Electree from the production line. The number 0A and 0B have arrived in France and will be presented at an event in Metz (city in the eastern part of France) this week.

    All the administrative custom papers have been prepared with great care to avoid any issue at the arrival of the Electree in France.

    We keep on working hard to have the Electree delivered to you very soon.

    Stay tuned for some news.

    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C and Vivien Muller