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Solar bonsaï Electree

Ecological charger for mobile devices

  • Solution kit for the Electree


    The Electree have been shipped now two months ago which enabled us to receive quite some feedback from the Early Birds.

    We have received  numerous positive comments about the Electree aesthetics and we thank you again for your support.

    The Electree is not only a design object but a technological object as well, which uses the solar energy, an energy difficult to capture. This last point is the cause of some technical problems which were raised by several users. Several users have given us detailed technical feedback and we thank them sincerely for their help.

    The two main points raised by the Electree users are the following:

    - The LEDs lights indicating the chargelevel never lit up

    - The Electree has worked for a few days and then stopped charging

    Throughout the month of August, we have gathered all the feedback and comments, and the company 1D&C, the Electree editor, has launched a series of tests on the Electree at the plant which had produced this first series.

    Following these tests, it appeared that some Electrees have problems relaunching the charge when the battery is totally empty.
    However it is necessary, before all, that we remind to all useres of the Electree that solar power is capricious, unconstant and difficult to capture.

    This implies that fully charging the Electree battery which is quite large (13 500mAh, the equivalent of an iPad battery), it is necessary to receive an intense sunshine for many days. Unfortunately, an intense and constant sunshine for ten days in a row is quite rare in most European or North American countries. This explains why it is difficult to have the third LED, corresponding to a 95% charge level, to lit up.

    If you are using regularly the Electree to recharge your cell phone, and that you do not live in a region of intense sunshine, it is very unlikely that you will succeed to recharge 100% of the battery.

    The option of including a smaller battery would improve the Electree efficiency but would not allow anymore to recharge a tactil tablet.

    A bad connection between the Electree branches can also significantly increase the charging time. A branch well plugged might still a bad electric contact.

    The editor of the Electree 1D&C and the designer Vivien Muller have worked on developing a solution kit which includes:

    - a new optimized electronic card, easy to install

    - a smaller battery for those of you who wish to use it instead of the larger battery currently installed

    - a connection testing kit which allows to test that each solar panel and each branch is correctly functioning

    - a video tutorial explaining how to proceed for the testing as well as explaining how to install the new electronic card

    The production of these solution kits has been launched but it will take approximately two months before they are finalized and shipped.

    We have also taken the names of all the people who indicated that their wooden plate was damaged during the shipping of the Electree box. New wooden plates are being produced and will be shipped as well.

    From now on, and to simplify information exchange, the treatment of your requests and the shipping of the solution kits, the editor of the Electree 1D&C will be your main contact.

    For any question regarding the Electree, you can write to:

    [email protected]

    While waiting for this solution kit, we can suggest that you restart the battery charge using the USB connection located below the Electree. You can connect a cable from this USB plug to a computer which helps the battery to restart the charge when it is totally empty. Of course, this is only a temporary solution.

    We thank you again for your patience and your support.

    1D&C and Vivien Muller

  • Electree in Paris


    The Electree have arrived in Paris. We are finally reaching our goal.

    The name of all the Early Birds are written on the notice provided with the Electree.

    We are preparing the shipping as quickly as possible.

    All of this was possible because of you. Thank you very much.

    More pictures to come.


  • June 10th news


    The Electree have landed in Brussels from China last week.

    Samuel from 1D&C has overviewed the customs process which has taken a few days.

    The Electree have now been taken in charge by the carrier which should deliver them in Paris on Tuesday June 12th.

    We will inform you as soon as we have them in our hands.

    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C and Vivien Muller


  • They arrive!!!


    We have some very good news. The Electree arrive in France next week.

    The plane should land from China at the beginning of next week. A few days are then necessary to go through customs and to carry the boxes to our storage location.

    We'll do everything in our power to ship the Electree to you as soon as possible.

    We want to thank you sincerely for your patience in this great adventure.

    With your support, the Electree is born and will be commercialized all around the world in the coming years.

    But you will be the only ones with a numbered Electree which is part of the first 200 produced.

    We'll give you some more news as soon as the palettes have arrived in at our location.

    You can see below the latest pictures of the preparation.

    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C and Vivien Muller





























  • Packaging before shipping


    The plant is finalizing the packaging before shipping.

    The certification and the preparation of the notice are finished as well.

    We are waiting to know the exact shipping date.

    You can see below some recent pictures taken at the plant.


    Mister Ecologie, 1D&C and Vivien Muller