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Solar bonsaï Electree

Ecological charger for mobile devices

  • Tray's alternative

    Hi everyone,

    I propose a cheap and simple alternative to the bamboo tray:

    You can fill the base with (clean) polished pebbles.

    Vivien Muller

  • How to repair your Electree

  • Kits arrived

    Hi everyone,

    Good news, the kits (and plates) finally arrived at 1D&C's.

    You'll receive yours very soon.

  • Solution kit delays

    Dear customers,

    You are waiting for a solution kit for your Electree First Edition. It is ready to be shipped by air from our factory.

    Due to regulations on Lithium Ion-Polymer battery which hardened, sending the kit, that includes a new battery of this type, is suspended by the authorities.

    Our providers are working hard to produce the right documents, and to adapt the new packaging to the stringent standards, enabling customs to authorize the shipment.

    At the time being, only a few big names in electronics have the special privilege to ship their batteries.

    Be assured that we mobilize our teams to ship the kits in the next few days.

    In compensation for these delays, we are pleased to extend the warranty for six months starting on the reception of the solution kits.

    The Team Electree

  • Solution kits & Electree's history

    Hi all,

    First, I wanted to personally apologize for the many delays and defects of Electree.
    Until now Mister Ecologie was in charge of Ulule's communication, but our former distributor ceased operations recently.
    This is the first time I am addressing you personally.

    First, the solution kits are at the end of production and we hope to send them soon.
    Except delays due to customs, you will receive it January 15th.

    For those who wish, here is a summary Electree First Edition's history:

    When we started Electree's adventure, more than one year ago, we wanted, my editor and myself, to offer a product true to the concept at a reasonable price.

    A feasibility and cost study was performed by 1D&C's partners in China.
    START network has enabled us to find a factory able of producing the bonsai.

    At that time, I had already made (non-functional) prototypes of Electree's old versions at my own expenses. These first two models allowed me to refine and optimize the design of the object.

    When the Ulule campaign ended, we went to China and joined 1D&C's partners at the Shenzhen Factory.

    Our main contact at START speaks fluent French and has translated and monitored throughout the project.
    We worked together on every aspects of the project.

    Following these discussions, the factory sent us a non-functional prototype to validate the aesthetics.

    Later we received the full plans of parts, re-interpreted by the factory to optimize their production.
    These parts didn't match the assembly methods I designed but retained the aesthetics.

    In parallel, the electronic card's development was on the way.

    The first production delays were due to poor communication from the factory. In fact, the announced deadlines were never reliable. The factory only communicated to solve problems without giving us any indication of the progress of production.

    Then they sent us a "specimen 0" with injected parts of good quality and a first unsatisfactory version of the electronics.
    We then proceeded to change the Printed Circuit Board, in parallel of the production of parts.

    We were so late that we have not been able to get a copy, with the final electronic's version, before the First Edition shipping.

    And we noticed the first malfunction at the same time as you.

    The factory does not support the defective design of electronics, because technically the Electree works but it has serious flaws.

    I'm personally not qualified in electronics, so I couldn't conceive it unlike the rest of the product. We therefore had to trust the factory engineers.

    Therefore we have engaged an independent consulting firm to survey and re-design the card.
    (We also hired someone to oversee all stages of production, right in the premises of the factory.)

    The production of these solution kits is at our expense, and the only way to pay for them was to get enough new orders.

    The first edition did not generate any profit because production has proven to be much more expensive than expected. Futhermore the finished product was in fact heavier than our estimates and the shipping cost exploded.

    (1D&C and its partners have received no compensation for their work so far
    and I earned a small portion of my royalties, enough to pay my trip to China.)

    We were stuck in a paradoxical situation
    we needed orders to repair electree, but we needed flawless electrees to proceed orders.

    Now as we have overcome this difficult situation and the kits' production is almost finished, Electree's future is cleared.

    Again I am truly sorry for all the delays. Without your patience, Electree may not exist today.

    About e-mails sent to help @ electree, I have not been able to respond to everyone. I manage alone all your messages in parallel to management enhancements, press and distributors inquiries.
    Anyway we referenced all your requests, and be assured you will receive a kit.

    Some of you have contacted me about the Kickstarter campaign Electree +
    This is a scam.
    Someone stole my identity and I actually pressed charges.
    A fake Google+ account and e-mail was enough to set up the fraud. The two other individuals that curated the content for the Kickstarter campaign were unaware of the identity theft until I messaged them.
    To date Kickstarter is still not responding, but at least suspended funding.

    I want to make clear that I haven't abandoned the early-birds of Ulule, and I continue to work with 1D&C and START to solve your problems.
    We do our best to survive and thus fix our mistakes.

    Anyway I always keep in mind that it's thanks to you that this project came to life, and for this I want to thank all of you very much.


    Vivien Muller