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The Tree

Strange events happening in a small town

About the project

My project is a comic strip based on a fantastic story with detective elements written by me.

I have always been fascinated by mystery stories, where you are involved and guided in the revelation of an enigma. Thus, I am sure you will find the twists in this story unexpected and catchy.

The story of this project began a few years ago with the birth of an original and exciting idea. But due to ongoing tasks and routine work, its implementation was continually postponing.

Finally, it was for good because then the Idea was still too distant and immature.

Over the last few months the story was constantly growing and developing, shaping itself with all necessary details, so it has reached the point when it’s no longer only an exciting Idea but a real and ongoing project, which came to this world through my drawings.

The process seems to evolve very slowly (because I work alone), despite that the story now acquires visible contours and is filled with the colours of life.

With your help the original idea will materialise quicker and will be shaped in an even more attractive story. (Thanks a lot, in advance)

Fanny is studying at a university in a big city, and every weekend she tries to visit her family in her small hometown.

During her last visit, two unpleasant events happened. First a strange fruit caused the sudden death of her brother's best friend - his dog. He went and buried his pet under a tree in the nearby forest.

On the next day Adrian had a strange indisposition: his hands suddenly turned into branches. He had to be admitted to the hospital, but the doctors were stumped and weren´t able to give him a real diagnosis.

To everyone’s relief, the mysterious condition resolved itself very quickly and he got discharged from the hospital.

Back in college, Fanny told her classmates about the strange events. One of them, named Belinda, seemed to be very interested by these events and asked her for more details. The next weekend, when Fanny decided to go home, Belinda offered to accompany her, even if they were not close friends yet. Fanny was very happy with this new friendship. It was always nice for her to present her hometown to other people.

When she arrived at her parents' house, Fanny realized that something has changed. Her brother Adrian seemed very thin. When she asked him, what had happened, he replied irritably that everything was fine. Their parents also seemed to have changed. Even if they smiled, they did not show their usual strong and happy emotions. Moreover, their movements were slower and the explanations they gave were, they said they just felt a little bit tired because of the daily routine. Finally, the biggest surprise they had that day was to see the dog alive and healthy at home!

Adrian explained that the following day the dog had come home alone and that probably everyone had been confused: it seemed that the dog had not died, it must’ve been only fallen into a rare and strange canine coma, woke up later, got off the ground and then has gone home.

Fanny was surprised once again, because the dog didn’t show either the joy, which it usually shows when sees her.

Later that day, walking through the town, the surprises continued for both girls. This time they have noticed a strangely behaving neighbours, even though they greeted Fanny and Belinda with a little smile and were friendly on the surface.

All this was both strange and disturbing. The girls were so intrigued they decided to find out what was going on with this small town and its inhabitants.




What are the funds for?

A part of the raised funds will support me during my work on the project. And hopefully, with the help from Ulule’s community, I will be able to complete all the project’s tasks, planned to be done in about three months.

The remaining funds will go towards covering the costs for translation, printing the comics and Bookplates, additional materials and shipping of the rewards to all my grantors.

The minimum objective when reaching the proposed amount: print an A4 paper book, containing at least 48 colourful pages with comics (drawings and text).



The minimum objective when reaching the proposed amount: print an A4 paper book, containing at least 48 colourful pages with comics (drawings and text).

In case of raising 150% of the funds will be printed two A4 soft cover books, bilingual (Spanish/French) edition, containing 48 pages.





In case of raising 200% of the funds will be printed an A4 hard cover book, bilingual (Spanish/French) edition, containing 48 pages.


In case of raising 300% of the funds will be printed two hard cover books, each with 48 pages, in two languages - one in Spanish and one in French.


In case of raising 400% of the funds will be printed three A4 books, each with 48 pages, in three different languages – Spanish, French and English.




About the project owner

Hello Ulule’s fans, my name is Victor, and I am a full-time artist (painter and illustrator), who works mainly with watercolours and illustrations (for different types of books, magazines, presentations, web projects, etc.)

I was born and raised in Minsk (Belarus), where I lived until I entered Moscow University of Linguistics and Pedagogy. I finished my Master’s in Child Psychology there and worked in the city for almost 20 years. After graduation, I practised in a secondary school. Besides, for nearly ten years I worked in a Cultural Center with children's groups from 4 - 7-year-old. There I had the opportunity to apply my methodology in early stimulation of intellectual abilities and development of child creativity.


Then I moved to Peru for about ten years, and I met my wife in the beautiful city of Lima. Now we both live in her hometown in Bulgaria.

The languages I speak Russian (native), Spanish (proficient), Bulgarian (excellent understanding). Currently, I am studying French.

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