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EJC 2013

please help the 36th european juggling convention

About the project

The last European Juggling Convention in Toulouse, France : made a loss... Some figures:

  • Between 4,000 and 5,000 jugglers representing 42 nationalities
  • A budget of around 600,000 euros
  • A 40,000 euro deficit
  • 20,000 euros in financial assistance from the European Juggling Association
  • A 20,000 euro deficit yet to be made up

Here is what each exceeded stage will help us reimburse:

1st stage 100%: 4,413 euros : reimbursement of the volunteers who have invested their own money

2nd stage 200%: 8,826 euros : in addition: reimbursement of the associations who worked with us

3rd stage 300%: 13,239 euros : in addition: reimbursement of first-aid associations, equipment hiring companies (festival tents, worksite equipment…)


  1. Quality of life and ecology: participative cooking, lots of quality and varied food stands, a market of local producers, a waste recycling centre, composting toilets
  2. To succeed in organising Boudu La Jongle on a European scale with what has been making the event successful for so long: good vibes; technical, creative and original artistic proposals; a festive atmosphere and good beers
  3. A great feeling among the team of volunteers so that they can have a very good time, enjoy the event and have fun
  4. To make the EJC 2013 the most cost effective in comparison to previous years, while breaking even financially...


** In the end, the EJC budget amounted to 600,000 euros which is what we had planned in terms of spendings – the overspend of the budget was relatively small. In comparison, Munich’s budget amounted to 1 000,000 euros.

- An EJC is like a mini city. The accumulated costs of infrastructure, technical aspects, technicians, security, first-aid workers and fire safety represent over 50% of the total budget. Companies and professional artists gave us really good rates, so did all the private as well as associative organisations. The negotiations were long. The whole programme cost us nearly 80,000 euros, i.e. 13% of the budget.

- Food and beverages expenses (free food given by volunteers or food for sale at bars) represent 11% of the budget.

- Partner associations (composting toilets, rubbish, video…) and volunteers’ equipment (tools, ink cartridges…) : 11%

- Preparation expenses (the preparation took 3 years): the preparation of the application form and administrative aspects, relations and liaison with the town council’s services, international relations : 10%

- Publicity and merchandising expenses: 5%

**The following observations can explain the deficit:

There were between 4,000 and 5,000 jugglers. There was a shortage of 300 weekly passes priced at 130 euros each to break even

The difference would not have been so significant if everyone had paid what they should have paid. We know there was fraud. However, the role of security workers was to protect jugglers from the outside world and not to check whether jugglers cheated. In the end, they did chase up the jugglers who stole from others. This last finding was the one that made the organisers the saddest, more than having lost money. This is the low point of the president’s report.

What are the funds for?

The funds will help us not to enter bankruptcy proceedings and will help us to continue to organise juggling event in Toulouse, like our juggling convention Boudu La Jongle. Help us not to fight during few years looking for money... Let us continue this sweet dream : )

About the project owner

Organising a European Juggling Convention is a dream for many jugglers. It was ours for 3 years, and now we have to wake up. We made many people dream throughout this week. We hope you have not forgotten ours. We kindly ask you to help us to sweetly conclude our dream. 

By helping us, you will also contribute to carrying on the events we have been organising in Toulouse for 10 years such as our juggling convention Boudu La Jongle, cabaret nights or juggling workshops. On top of organising juggling events, we also develop circus activities for all: children, the elderly, people with disabilities…

You will find a lot of information about us on our website :www.parhazart.org

More information available on:

The ejc 2013 web site : www.ejc2013.com

European Juglling Association web site : www.eja.net


Here are some of the videos in competition in the EJC 2013 during the 3rd edition of the juggling video film festival :