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YES to distinctive perfumes

The French perfume brand Egofacto is expanding into new international markets. Here is its story.

About the project

The French perfume brand Egofacto is trying to expand into new international markets. Here is its story.

I am Pierre.

I am an expert perfume maker.

I was trained in Grasse and have spent 10 years imagining fragrances for some of the biggest names in perfume. Today, I am an independent olfactory creator and brings my creativity to some of France’s most elegant perfume brands. I collaborate on the creation of several widely successful fragrances that have rocketed to international stardom (Alien by Mugler / Angel eau sucrée / Chloé / MiuMiu / Flora Botanica by Balenciaga / Chrome United by Azzaro / Roberto cavalli Paradiso / Shiseido EverBloom…)

My Ego in a perfume !

In 2010, I set out to launch my own brand of distinctive fragrances: EGOFACTO

Why this name ?

Ego is latin for “I”    , Facto means “made”

So, Egofacto is Latin for « made for me »

And, I am convinced that when we wear perfume, it means something. Whether we like it or not, it says a lot about ourselves, about our ‘ego’.  So instead of creating 7 perfumes, I decided to create 7 personalities, and now everyone can recognize themselves in one of my perfumes.

Let me introduce you to my wonderful cast of characters.

You have:

The feigned innocent, POO POO PIDOO

The hopeless lover, FOOL FOR LOVE

The rebel, PRENDS GARDE A TOI (Be careful)

The strong willed, ME MYSELF AND I

The knight in shining armor, SACRE COEUR

The rugged, but tender, PIEGE A FILLES (Girl's trap)

The ethereal, JAMAIS LE DIMANCHE  (Never oin Sunday)

An entire cast of characters created by beautiful, original fragrances that make a statement, made from innovative, top-quality ingredients.

Quality everywhere

Every component of the line was carefully researched

  • Each bottle features an individually hand-carved crystal stopper
  • A polished medallion carries the symbol of each fragrance
  • The bottle’s sober design features a beautiful weight of glass

And it is 100% Made in France

What are the funds for?

I began by distributing my fragrances in Europe.

For example, you can find Egofacto in

  • Germany,
  • Russia,
  • Austria,
  • Spain,
  • Ukraine and
  • in the Baltics. 

Now I want to go to the next level and gain momentum in a larger international market. This means introducing Egofacto in the Middle East, the United States and in Asia – and this is where I need your help !

My Ulule request will help me finance Egofacto’s presence in trade shows specializing in niche luxury brands in Milan, Hamburg, Shanghai, Dubai and Los Angeles in 2016.

How much does it need to invest?

Exhibiting at a Perfume Trade Show in Europe costs approximately 6000€, which covers:

  •  Booth rental
  • Booth design decoration
  • Travel and accommodations

Exhibiting at a Perfume Trade Show in the Middle East or Asia costs approximately 10 000€

The money I collect will go towards these costs, and the more funds I receive, the more opportunities I will have to present Egofacto abroad!

2016 would be the perfect time to bring Egofacto to at least at two shows in Europe and one in Asia or in the United States.

This represents a minimum investment of 22 000€

Half of this will come from my personal funds, and I would like to ask for your help for the rest!

Our challenge and milestones

For 11,000 € raised: Egofacto will attend shows in Milan, Hamburg and Dubai.
For 21,000€ raised:  Egofacto will attend shows in Milan, Hamburg, Dubai and Los Angeles

If our results go through the roof and reach 31,000€  (we can always dream!) : Egofacto  will attend shows in Milan, Hamburg, Dubai, Los Angeles and Shanghai!

Your frequent Question

"I would like to participate, and receive a bottle of Egofacto in return, but don’t know which perfume I should choose?"

No problem!

To find out which perfume best suits you,  take the EgoQuizz Perfume Test.

Once you choose your Conterparty, I will send you a mail asking you to choose your perfume.

About the project owner

I need you on board !

thank you for all

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