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Educational Tour in Israel and Palestine

Help us in sending 28 european students for a unique educational experience in Israel/Palestine !

About the project

Presentation of the project

A bit of background information on us !

FFIPP-Europe is a network of students and academics engaged in raising awareness about the conflict in the Middle-East. The objectives of FFIPP are to inform and educate on the situation in Israel and Palestine. FFIPP-Europe has several branches across Europe : France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Switzerland.   Visit us on  or on Facebook 

The project 

28 European students will be offered a one week educational tour through Israel and Palestine, from July 27th to August 3rd 2014, before starting an internship of one month in one of our partner organizations in Israel or Palestine. The tour aims to provide the students with insights on various issues of the israeli-palestinian conflict in order to create a profound understanding of the complexity of the situation.

The 28 students and 5 coordinators (members of FFIPP-Europe will travel throughout the region, in a  tour that includes visits and meetings in various towns (Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah and many more) with a range of NGO's, journalists, citizens and political officials, refugee camps and families. 

We want every student to learn, listen and then pass on his or her unforgettable experiences. The encounters during the trip will sometimes be difficult or challenging, but they will help them to make sense of what is happening and to form their personal opinion.

Crowdfunding will permit us to collect funds for our "orientation week", but also stay in contact with you our donors and share our experiences with them. We will establish a blog and a newsletter where we will provide summaries of our meetings and post photos/videos of our journey. 

To keep in touch with you...

To follow the meetings and visits, the students will keep a blog. This will be the perfect way for you to have a summary of the meetings that FFIPP arranged with important NGO's or academics on the israeli-palestinian conflict, but also get a snap-shot of the beautiful landscape and habitants of Palestine and Israel. 

What are the funds for?

Why do we need money?

For this to be possible, everyone can contribute according to his financial resources to cover the expenses of our educational tour. The students pay their flight, but we will pay the costs on-site, most importantly transport, food and accommodation, but also the costs of the conferences.

Bus: 1800€

Conferences: 400€

Accommodation and food: 800€

Total: 3000€

If we manage to collect more than our target sum, the additional money goes into organizing an educational trips, during the internship time. Last year, the students had the opportunity to visit the Golan Heights and the Negev desert, where they met members of a beduin community.

Thank you very much for your time and your support. It's thanks to you, to even the smallest contributions that our project will succeed. You can give students the opportunity to go and experience the reality on the ground, and then share their experiences with the people in their country, and engage in a discussion about the conflict, in order to find a just peace and guarantee the respect of human rights in this region.

Thank you, Shoukran, Toda!

About the project owner

The faces behind FFIPP-Europe

All the activities of FFIPP are organized by dedicated students working all around the year to make this wonderfull experience possible. 

FFIPP-Europe Board: Michelle Pfeifer, Paul Chilo, Soledad André, 

And lot more ...

"FFIPP is an amazing network of dedicated students involved throughout the year to make the educational tour possible for new students every summer. Organizing high-profile events and building an intensive program with our partners in the region, is an opportunity for now eight years that benefit to more than 100 students in Europe”