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Lost paradises

Nature, spirituality & sensuality

About the project

There are lost paradises in the confines of the world, barely shown on modern maps. They are the timeless Edens, the pagan sanctuaries where the girls of Eve still reside and the Gaian spirit prevails, where the power of a primitive Earth and the beautiful freedom of naked bodies dominate.

These places mark our humanity with an ancestral and instinctive sensuality, simple but intense. They whisper to our ancient spirits old, forgotten truths.

The Lost Paradises books aim to make you to travel to the most profound of these fabulous, magical landscapes, where you can meet their real or legendary inhabitants.  These creations require the use of all your senses, and will let your imagination run wild...

However, in order to be able to edit these books, I will need your financial support!

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Here are the outlines of some of the books:


RÉUNION SAUVAGE (publication in September)

La Réunion is not just white sand beaches, exotic fruits and lazing around...It's also and especially an island which has not totally succumbed to domestication, and which still has magnificent wild landscapes (some of which haven't even been explored yet). For more details on this project, you can read the introductory text.

Réunion sauvage will be edited in three forms: a series of post cards, a calendar; a beautiful book. This products will be on sale in bookshops in la Réunion in September, and can be ordered over the internet.




SYMBIOSE (publication of the first chapter in June)

The Flagship Series of my artistic production, its objective is to recount in a symbolic, even mysterious way, the story of the relatinship between Man and Nature through the ages.


Symbiose will be assembled in 6 high quality books. 



HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH LA RÉUNION (beginning of next year)

The island of la Réunion offers extraordinary opportunites for photographers. However, you still need to know how to master the particularly difficult lighting, or to find the most interesting subjects, etc.

This manual will be addressed as much to beginners as amateurs or professionals, with adapted information for each level.



What are the funds for?

Your support will finance the purchase of the necessary materials, transport costs, and pay for the printing of the two books as well as the postcards.

The answers to all the questions you could possibly want to ask about financially supporting a project can be found on Ulule's FAQ.



About the project owner

I'm Nicolas Rainard, and if you haven't discovered my work yet, you can check it out on my Facebook page.

Rumour has it that I am a strange man who makes young girls frolic naked in the jungle, that I risk my mental and physical health in unmerciful places, I rub myself against trees to make myself smell of the forest, and that my ultimate ambition is to save the whole Earth with ecological photos. 

To all these accusations, I plead "guilty" - I even add that my character and my physique have more in common with a grizzly bear than a civilised human.

But everyone deserves a second chance, so help me return to the right path and make a place for myself in this society: support my project!



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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