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Road to the red zone Vol. 1: Final Edition

The Type R story gets its final printing!

About the project

In November 2015, we launched the crowdfunding campaign for our book “Road to the Red Zone: Honda Type R story”.

None of us believed it would become such a success. 4 years later, 2090 books have been printed and sold. Thank you again to the 557 initial contributors, they made it happen.

We even had a bigger success with the Volume 2 of Road to the Red zone, which ends the Honda sports story. It’s still possible to order it here: [email protected]. By the way, half the stock is already sold.

Since a few months, we see a strong demand for a reprint of the first volume. We then decided to launch a Final Edition.

This first volume tells the Honda Type R story, from the birth of Soichiro Honda to the Civic Type R FK2.

The content of this Final Edition is identical but we did some upgrades:

- The cover is specific with its asphalt / carbon finish with a metallic red slice.

- The book benefits a full proofreading with some graphic updates.

As for the first edition, some special bonuses will be offered, only during the crowdfunding campaign:

- An exclusive protection cover is offered, among a choice of 6 designs.















- Possibility to display your car in the contributors’ part.

- 50 % discount on shipping prices.

What are the funds for?

The funding is divided into six components:

We work with Escourbiac, a French printer 3 times “Cadrat d’or”. It’s the most valuable reward for a printer in France.

We decided to raise the general quality of the materials, varnishes and finishes.

Think about asphalt, white championship and even the red paint of the cam covers! Our passion really deserves this dedication.

We also optimize some renderings and pictures. The cover enjoys a deep work with a very high fine tuning for the finishes. Eventually, the book will be completely proofreaded.

About the project owner

4 years ago, when we started our campaign for the first volume, I had serious doubts. What if the publishing houses that refused our project were right? Could we gather enough enthusiasts to support us?

Today, we finish this incredible adventure with a very high quality reprint that 400 enthusiasts already reserved.

The reasons of this success are quite simple. I have a very professional and dedicated team around me, and a strong community as support. Presenting this project and all the communitarian aspect to Hirotoshi Honda has been an unforgettable moment.

Fulfilled with an unprecedented enthusiasm, we're building our own publishing house dedicated to sports cars: Redrunner.

Some of you already ask for books dedicated to legends such as Skyline GT-R, Lancer Evolution of even the incredible Mazdas with their rotary engines.

As editor, I’m able to produce the book of an enthusiast who wants to materialize its passion.

Of course, our first task is to make the nicest Final Edition for this book.

We count on your support!

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