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EDEN the second dawn

Discover a new reading experience!

About the project

"EDEN, the second dawn" brings you into the story through a unique reading experience developed for all digital devices!

"In the land of Eden, once bathed in light, a dark mist appeared ... One after another, its people have gone mad and were transformed into Shadows. The world seems to live his last hours but there is still a hope.Should it come from this strange girl met in the Forbidden land? Or from this boy convinced that this world can still be saved thanks to a hidden stone in the ancient city of Velesia ... Some secrets can have strong consequences for those who ignore the past."

You live the story of Eden with new intensity, carried by melodies created especially for the adventure. The plans are completed before your eyes to create beautiful animated pictures. Some elements of the environment even react when you touch them! The reading rate allow everyone to go with a single click to the next scene.

You feel the pleasure of reading, comfortably installed in your bed or your sofa!

When I imagined this project, I had only one idea in mind: to bring each one a journey through a vast world, both poetic and alive! I felt the sound of the leaves on the wind, the colors that vibrate, light shinning everywhere in the sky ...

I wanted to get feelings that had inspired me video games such as Ico, NieR, Journey, Child of Light ... that got me by their simplicity and the strength of their universe!

I then tried to use digital for its artistic specificities to obtain what the paper could not express, mainly on the rendering of light and depth.

The idea then came naturally to use all the possibilities offered by multimedia: music, animation, interactivity to reinforce the reading immersion ...


This project was born from my hands, all these hours, these weekends, spent drawing, writing the story, learning to code, to animate ... It took me almost 10 years to achieve it! I have often doubted yet I remained convinced that he would eventually see the day!

So now, the time has come! ... And I want you to experience all these emotions and to follow me in this incredible adventure ^^

My goal is to give life to the first part of the adventure, the creation of 10 dynamic & interactive chapters!

... And they will complete the first 2 chapters already available.

What are the funds for?

Through this project, I want to promote a new format for reading comics by offering free and unlimited access to it.

If I ask for the Ulule community's support is primarily to ensure that free and allow the diffusion of the project. I will also be able to pay all those accompanying me in this adventure (composer, writer ...).


Gains collected will be distributed as follows:

55% Implementation of 10 chapters (volume = 1 comic book)

Creating music and sound effects / Graphic support for the implementation of chapters (cutting boxes and shots / web developer to optimize the accessibility and safety of the service

37% - Rewards production / distribution + safety margin

8% - Ulule

Additional gains will allow me to devote more energy to the creation of animated and interactive elements. while increasing the rate of diffusion of the chapters! It is also a way to pay for all the work that I have provided over the years ...

All contributors will have their name mentioned in the credits of the online version!

5 €  / PROLOGUE /  5.46 $

6 wallpapers pack with an access code to unlock the online prologue to the story before anyone else! (Pdf version initially)

10 € / TUTORIALS / 10.91 $

All previous rewards + 2 original pages "The cradle" and "Maelle wakening" in digital format (original preserved layers) including exclusive typography, color chart and shapes of brushes for Photoshop.

+ A description of each color stage (from imagination phases to final illustration) including technical details of characters colorization / decorations / staging / page creation (30 pages of "making off" in pdf version)

€ 20 / ARTBOOK / 21.83 $
All previous rewards + Printed book with sketches and illustrations of the project commented.
(13x20 softcover 46 pages)

€ 30 / OST / 32.76 $
All previous rewards + The pack of 6 mp3 music composed by Marc BOUR to download.

€ 40 / COMIC BOOK US VERSION / 43.68 $

All previous rewards + The first comic book printed volume of "EDEN second dawn" is in your hands.
(21x30 softcover, 46 pages)

€ 60 / SERIGRAPHY / 65.48 $ (limited to 200 copies)

All previous rewards + Serigraphy signed and numbered (21x30 white paper 200g)

€ 100 / COLLECTOR BOX US VERSION / 109.18 $

All previous rewards + The first comic book printed volume of "EDEN second dawn" is in your hands.
(21x30 premium cover, 84 pages)

+ Numbered and signed copies / Additional Sketches integrated into the book / Brands pages numbered and signed / custom illustration / Scenes Volume 2

+ Complete storyboard of the original scenario in pdf format / Only FRENCH LANGUAGE ! (66 pages of storyboard in B & W / complete story + additional sketches pages) It's second comic who gets the same characters in a different scenario !!! 

€ 500 / VIP DAY / 545.53 $
All previous rewards +  A day together in Lille (FRANCE) to discover my world, share my skills ...
Discover behind the scenes and leave with many memories and great custom illustration :D

+ Drawing lesson.

+ Full intrigue storyboard, presented and explained by me and in the presence of co-writer. You will know everything before anyone else and can even influence the course of history !!! A desired item will be included in the story;)

+ Visit to the creative studio of Marc BOUR composer 

+ Your name in the special thanks of the project!

+ Meal (and drink!) Included (2 persons) excluding sleep and transport

New rewards will be released for everyone for each new 50% step above the target ! You'll know it on time ;)

About the project owner

I draw comics for as long as I can remember and multimedia fascinates me since I discovered Windows 3.1 ... Really long time ago right?! But this has always been a passion I have tried to reconcile with my own work and family ...

I am currently interaction designer for the Decathlon Group, where I conceive innovative products and services for sport. Every day, I accompanied the group's brands to build digital experiences and get it tested on customers in stores.

This is the same approach I set out today on the project "EDEN second dawn": make the reading experience more accessible to everyone!

First feedback on the project "Eden second dawn" is very positive with each month, an average of 100 users who register their email address on the site to get access to the second chapter of the story.

This is still only the beginning, but accelerated in recent months (articles on blogs, participating in the book fair, author collaborations ...) proves that the project captive!

I hope many of you will follow me and share this project with your friends!

More than ever, I rely on you!


First chapters of the story :

Facebook project page :