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Eden: Genesis and Evolution Universe Books

Discovering the world of Eden

About the project

Welcome survivor! 

Your presence here means that you want to discover the apocalyptic universe of Eden! 

Two centuries have passed since a third world war was the cause of unprecedented cataclysms, following the use of a new type of devastating weapon. The world has quite changed! It is now the scene of clashes between the factions that bring together what's left of humanity.

This universe book contains everything you need to immerse yourself in the universe of Eden. All factions are present, the original factions as the henchmen of the city of Sagaar who emerged from the waters not so long ago.

 The original factions are subject to a state of play and to reviews of their different evolutions while the origins of the most recent factions are unveiled and their structures are developed.

We decided to propose the first universe book too (without Rules section). It gathers the original factions, providing an even larger view to delve deeper into this universe.

These two artbooks will present Eden's vision of the world through the eyes of Loïc Muzy and Stéphane Louis. The team sees here an opportunity to pay tribute to these two gifted illustrators who always have accompanied the universe of Eden in its development. Each of these two books present the work of one of these illustrators and talented chara-designer. 

Stygmata is a role-playing game, a unique experience! The players are immersed in a story and must together achieve progress in the scenario, in the world of adventures and dangers of Eden. A player is the "game master", he's the one who knows the scenario and describes the events and situations to others. Each other player controls a character with his characteristics and exposes the actions he wants to take as situations arise. The success of challenging actions is determined by dice.




If you want to explore the unique and amazing apocalyptic world of Eden, you can choose the Explorer pledge.

If you think you can survive to a complete journey into Eden and desire to know everything about it, choose the Survivor one.

If, to complete your reading, you want to fill your dreams — or nightmares — with the inspiring work of Loïc Musy and Stéphane Louis, choose Apocalypse Now!

By choosing Enter the universe, you will be able to create your own miniature! With the team, develop a miniature reflecting yourself — or not, you choose ! — and it will be sculpted according to your wishes. And it's not ONLY for the style, it will join the range in the year, you can play it!

Absolute fans can even choose to design a duo of miniature or a character on a motorcycle by choosing Enter the legend!

You can also select only the role playing game by choosing Stygmata, rather than taking it as an add-on.

To add some of these extra components to the pledge you have chosen, simply increase it by the corresponding amount.


You want to live more closely the universe of Eden? Add € 29 to your total to take Stygmata as an add-on.


These Thunderdome boosters contain the brand new and exclusive resin versions of these Convoy and Jokers fighters trios, ready to compete in the arena!

Each booster contains

  • 3 new miniatures in exclusive resin version
  • the profile cards of these characters for Eden
  • their cards for the future game Thunderdome
  • exclusive access to the Facebook page where you will be able to see the prototype, discuss it, test and give your feedback.




Shipping cost must be added in the "pledge manager" at the end of the campaign.

About the project owner

 Quentin Loupiot is an Eden player from the beginning. Always looking for the deepening of the Eden universe, his pen pleased us very much and, after two years to read his writings, we proposed to him to pass to the next stage. He managed to convince us very quickly by his responsiveness and professionalism to provide us with this book Eden: Evolution that you will have the chance, as we hope, to hold in your hands! 

 Nicolas Raoult had the heavy task of compiling a lot of text concerning the Eden universe as regards the Genesis Book of Eden! It was in 2011 but these writings haven't aged and it was time for us to reissue this book, this time only free of rules and focused on the rich universe. 

 Bruno Bessadi illustrated many characters during 2018 and we have the immense joy of presenting you his works in the book Eden: Evolution. 

 Sebastien Lamirand is a talented colourist who collaborated with Bruno Bessadi and Stéphane Louis to highlight their chara-design. He's always fair when it comes to the color to adopt according to the faction to put forward. 

 Loïc Muzy was the first official designer of Eden! Met at a convention, a common passion brought him closer to the team. Loïc has since come a long way in illustrating many Call of Cthulu books and has become a renowned illustrator. Also, and naturally, the team wanted to honor his earliest work on Eden in tribute to his talent! 

 Stéphane Louis joined us very early in the adventure! Illustrious comic book artist and big fan of miniatures he quickly assimilated the constraints in terms of designing a figurine in keeping with the style of the faction. 

 Dennis Zarnowski is the talented sculptor behind the degenerate miniature exclusive to this kickstarter. Originally Dennis had designed this character for his own lineup but he had to resign himself to abandon the project and chose to devote himself to freelance sculpture. He then proposed to take over the torch and HGF jumped at this chance to maintain the passion! 

 Mélanie Marlier participated very early in the creation of the Eden universe. She did the layout of the first book and we could hardly have done without her talent for the new books that we are offering you with this kickstarter. 

 Yohann Marengo, production manager and sex appeal of the team, joined us for the first time for the Essen Spiel show in Germany and has not left us since. He quickly showed his skills as a prototype creator and is doing great work on the classic production on our monthly Eden releases. Of course, he wonderfully managed all the resin prototypes of the game and provided us all the feedback we needed for the final production. 

 Jean-Christophe AKA Garwaf, community manager, is fond of board games and miniatures. When he isn't playing, I like to write on the subject. His role here is to communicate with you and try to get the game more and better known.

 Julie Ramirez, graphist manager & designer, joined the team for three years already. She likes to create and develop, with its graphic tablet asa well as its brush! New in the board game, she keeps learning and evolving within the team, bringing her own personality in the adventure! 

 Romain Beltri, project manager, has been an enthusiast of boards and miniatures games since he was a kid. With a professional background of 10 years in Industry he decided to use this experience in the games edition.

 Mohamed Aït-Mehdi AKA Mohand is a painter and a sculptor for more than 10 years, He has always loved playing and imagining games. Surrounded by a wonderful team, he's always looking forward to starting new projects with hope and joy in his heart. 

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  • Ho to increase my contribution for add-ons ?

    To add one or more add-ons, there are two cases.

    1. You haven't yet chosen a reward: in this case it's easy, when you choose it, you modify the amount so that it corresponds to the reward + the add-ons that you wish to acquire.
    2. You have already chosen a reward: choose the option "I do not want any reward" and enter the total amount of add-ons you wish to acquire.

    The details of your choices will be specified at the end of the campaign thanks to a "pledge manager", so it is the total amount of your contributions that matters.

    Last updated: 1 year, 4 months ago

  • What's Thunderdome ?

    Thunderdomme will be a stand alone game set in the Eden universe. Thunderdome boosters include profile card to play the miniatures with the Eden skirmish game as well as with Thunderdome.

    Last updated: 1 year, 4 months ago