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Elegant, adapted to your laptop, and more.

Pépite France supports this project

Pépite France is the first Students-Entrepreneurs supporting network, which aims at informing about the Students-Entrepreneurs National Status and reinforcing the support offer

Pépite France supports this project

Pépite France is the first Students-Entrepreneurs supporting network, which aims at informing about the Students-Entrepreneurs National Status and reinforcing the support offer

About the project




Our handbags are produced protecting both human and environmental resources.
Leathers were chosen with love from a Spanish tannery for their superb quality.










   in association with the French organization “Toutes à l’Écolewhich grants quality schooling to young Cambodian girls in need.

   Today’s young girls are tomorrow’s women: their education is a priority!

   For each handbag bought, 5% of the profits will be donated to“Toutes à l’École”. 

   The amount collected will be used to fund the enrichment of the school’s library, to improve the quality of life and to buy hygienic products. 

This association received the agreement of the Committee of the Trustworthy Donations Charter, which is an organism that validates and monitors the of associations and foundations which solicit public generosity.




Once your order completed, we’ll send you an email to ask about your choice of color, be attentive ! We are counting on you to answer before 16 January so as  not to delay production.

Shipping costs 7€ in France. In Europe the cost is 9€, in the United States and Canada 19€ and for the rest of the world 25€.

You’ll receive your handbag ÉCORCE on February, depending on the number of orders. The first orders will be shipped in priority.

You want to offer the handbag ÉCORCE for Christmas?
If you ask us, we will send you a personalized an email while you await reception of the handbag.




What are the funds for?




About the project owner


   For 5 years, we had to transport our laptop daily. The consequences? 2 laptops broke and 1 was stolen. 
   We had to find a convenient solution, but it was always the same dilemma: be feminine with a handbag not adapted to our laptop or accept a non-aesthetic laptop bag? 
   During these 5 years we tested all the solutions you can imagine: totebag, laptop bag, classic handbag, briefcase, backpack… Nothing truly fit to our desire !

   So here we were: our challenge was to create a new handbag that wouldn’t be a constraint. We launched a survey to know what could would be the perfect bag, and you know what? There were exactly 1,212 of you who answered! 
   Thanks to you, we created the handbag ÉCORCE! 

   We are doing everything to breathe life into this project, meanwhile we need your help! 
   Thank you for your support! 

Ombeline & Alexiane 




   First of all, we wanted to thanks those 1,212 people who were the first to support us by answering our survey. Their enthusiasm gave us the courage to launch our idea! A particular thanks to Amélie, Angéla, Anne-Laure, Asvini, Aviva, Charlotte, Constance, Diane, Victoire, Alix, Elysabeth, Eugénie, Gaëlle, Aurore, Ide, Marguerite, Kenza, Maëva, Mathilde, Solenn, Sophie, Vanille, IC Vda and Yaya. Thank you for taking time to meet us or call us to talk about their wishes. 

   Thanks also to our suppliers who believed in our project and did everything to ensure we would be on time. Thanks to Margaux Barré, Hans Veerasawmy, Anne-Sophie Pellissier, Pauline l’Hour, Kevin Takemdjian, Caroline Bento, Camille Combes. 

   An enormous THANKS to our friends, families and other people who gave us good advices and who participated : our parents, Marco, Anne-So, Margaux, Hubert, Hermine, Emeric, Thibaud, Elise, Clotilde, Antoine, Kevin, Olga, Colombe, Diana, Elsa, Camille, Mr. Maddalone, Mr. da Vecchi, Mrs. Delphin et Mr. Corbel. 

   Last but not least, thank YOU, for your support during this Ulule’s campaign! 



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  • How can I choose the color?

    We’ll send you an email during the campaign to ask you to choose a color. We are counting on you to answer us before the 7th of January so as the orders aren’t delayed :)

    Last updated: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

  • I changed my mind on the color I want

    It’s not a problem! You have until the 7th of January to change your order: just send us a message.

    Last updated: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

  • I received my order and I want to change it

    When you receive your handbag, you have 15 days to change your mind. All mailing charges are at your expense. The handbag is to be returned as new with its original packaging.

    Last updated: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

  • Advice for cleaning the handbag

    You can use a clean and moist sponge on the tissue, for the leather, use an appropriate cream.

    Last updated: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email : We will  answer you with pleasure!

    Last updated: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

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