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Eco Trip Mauritius

Your sustainable partner for eco friendly holidays on the paradise island

About the project

Eco-Trip Ltd is a newly registered DMC (Destination Management Company) in Mauritius and specialise itself in “Sustainable Tourism”. The DMC is the company that gives assistance to travellers upon their arrival at destination and will help them organise their holidays. It will also book accommodation upon its clients’ request, their budgets, and is permanently connected to partners such as hotels, guest-houses and eco-lodges. In Mauritius, there’s already a few historical DMCs which shares and handles the 1.2 million tourists that visit the island every year. These companies are the traditional operators and have been selling the "paperview Mauritius" for over 40 years now.

Eco-Trip Ltd was created to provide a unique and eco-friendly approach to discover Mauritius and Rodrigues. We do not sell holidays only; our objective is to sell “experiences” which will bring visitors to interact with the island, its people and their culture, while minimizing their holidays’ impact on the environment.

Mauritian local grocery shop

Today, the small island of 68km long and 45km wide has a parc of more than 150 resorts and twice that number in terms of holiday accomodations. The competition with other destinations such as Maldives and Seychelles has brought local operators to their limits subject to offers and rates. Mauritius was forced to align itself on those worldwide holiday platforms selling “all-inclusive” packages that keep tourists in the huge resorts where "everything" is at hand (activities, restaurants, beaches, etc.) but they hence limit themselves to the premises of those big hotels and don't venture to discover the "other" Mauritius. 

Mauritian cuisine

The result of this policy is that other local operators such as: restaurants, craft boutiques, daytrip organisers and other actors of the community are not benefiting from the tourism industry or very few. And this is where Eco-Trip Ltd position itself – by proposing an alternative to the mass tourism, by re-positioning Mauritius as an exclusive destination, by bringing together the Mauritian people and the visitors.

Mauritian bazar

A particular attention is given to the respect of our fragile eco-system which has been affected by the sudden development of the past decades; through our “Carbon Offset Program” which invites our clients to plant a new tree in the soil during their stay, thus partly offsetting the carbon emission of a trip to Mauritius. Overtime, this program will help to regenerate the indigenous eco-system of the island.

A "Sustainable Operator" defines itself through the measures and standards that he applies from the conception of its business model, to its economic development and operational process.

As the founders of Eco-Trip, we apply this policy through the following measures : We work with suppliers that implement sustainable measures in their business models. We started by doing a selection of eco-friendly accommodation partners – Hotels, Guests Houses, Eco-Lodges and Apartments who apply sustainable measures in the way they were built and the way they operate. Some of these measures are: 

  1. Production of Energy through Solar Panels or any other clean alternative - Low Energy Consumption Policy
  2. A proper Water Management that prevent wastage. E.g: storage of Rain Water for their daily use
  3. The production of fruits and vegetables for use in their respective kitchens
  4. Use of recycled materials
  5. Community oriented by employing people of their surrounding localities, and which also include a fair employment policy (We are totally against exploitation of labour, thus we are very exigent about the work conditions applied by our partners)

Furthermore, Eco-Trip Ltd has selected the daytrip organisers and other activities from small local enterprises. Mauritius offers a wide palette of activities, and being conscious of the importance of preserving the environment we live in, we decided to work exclusively with the eco-friendly operators who will take our clients to discover the island in the most sustainable way.

Bottom line, Eco-Trip Ltd chose to have its business address in a Business Hub, so as to minimise its fixed-costs during the development phase which lasted 9 months. During that period, we prospected all the accommodation partners and the excursion operators to be part of our Product Catalogue and we developed our website. We also went through a long administrative journey to get a Tour Operators’ Licence from the Mauritius Tourism Authority. Eco-Trip Ltd proudly got its licence in November 2016 and is today listed as an official Tour Operator in Mauritius.

Today, we are only missing finances to be fully operational and welcome our clients in the best conditions possible for a thrilling experience on our paradise island... To help us through this journey, ADELMUROD, a NGO acting for social  and economic development here in Mauritius is helping us and will namely lead this crowdfunding campaign. We count on you to help us with your contribution; every penny counts... :-) 

See you all soon in Mauritius 

"You gather the idea that Mauritius was created first, then heaven and that heaven was copied after it" Mark Twain

About Sustainable Tourism

The United Nations has proclaimed 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, in recognition of the tremendous potential of the tourism industry, which accounts for some 10% of the world’s economic activity, to contribute to the fight against poverty and foster mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, which are at the heart of UNESCO’s mission. Click here to read more

Extract of Irina Bokova's message, Director-General of UNESCO for “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development”: In designating 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the United Nations General Assembly noted “the importance of international tourism in fostering better understanding among peoples everywhere, in leading to a greater awareness of the rich heritage of various civilizations, thereby contributing to the strengthening of peace in the world”Click here to read more


What are the funds for?

We are today missing 25000€ to complete our investment and be fully operational. We have divided our crowdfunding campaign in three distinct targets : 

1st target = 7000€ : hitting this target will allow us to optimise our website (currently down), finance our online and offline marketing campaign AND to uplift a boat already acquired by Eco-Trip for their at sea excursions. 

2nd target = 10000€ (total of 17000€) : reaching this target will allow us to have an equipped office so as to be fully operational and to acquire a low CO2 emmission car or hybrid 

3rd target = 8000€ (total of 25000€) : hitting this target will allow us to complete our cash flow for the first months. 

How we will use the money?

  • Online advertising

  • Bikes and hiking gear 

  • First Aids + Security Equipment (gears, helmets, ropes, etc)

  • Office rental + Equipment Furniture

  • Comunication Tools (phones, VHF Radios)

  • Low CO2 emmission vehicule

  • Uplifting boat (repainting, cushions, cover, engine repair) 

About the project owner

Patricia (co-founder) is a Spanish born eco-friend from Barcelona. She studied Tourism and is graduated in Advertising and Public Relations. She also has a Master Degree in Events Management from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. It is actually this Master Degree which brought her to Mauritius for an internship at Impact Production in 2014. Being a passionate traveller herself, Patricia discovered many destinations by travelling through most European cities, USA, Thailand, South Africa, and now Mauritius. With her partner Cederix, they are actually discovering the Mascarene Islands including Reunion and Rodrigues.

Cederix (co-founder) was amongst the first students of the Tourism Faculty of the Hotel School of Mauritius in 1997, now known as Sir Gaetan Duval Hotel School. After his studies he started straight away as a Tourist Guide and did this job with passion for more than 10 years - up to date as he is still called as a freelance by some DMCs at times. When he started tour-guiding in the late 90s, Mauritius was at its peak in terms of Tourism recognition and known as one of the up-market destinations, welcoming clients looking for luxury and comfort in 4*, 5* resorts. In 2008, while the sector was going through a so called “crisis” he decided to enlarge his learning and made a 90° turn in his career by joining the most important Press and Media group of the country, La Sentinelle. He helped the digital team of the group to launch the first and now most visited online news website of the island ( - his objective being to bring his knowledge of the tourism industry in the Media. It is in 2011 that he got the opportunity to launch a Tourist Magazine, namely Détente, published by Dubourg Edition Ltd. He managed and wrote the 10 first editions of the magazine, and in 2014 he has been called to bring his experience of the industry to the Events sector by being appointed Head of Sales and responsible for MICE projects at Impact Production Ltd. There, he met with his actual Business partner - Patricia and both realised that their concept of a sustainable tourism project was aligned and the idea of launching Eco-Trip Ltd was born.

Facebook : Eco-Trip Mauritius

Website : (currently down, we are working on fixing that)

Instagram : @ecotripmauritius


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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