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Discover all about dinosaurs, be creative and have fun.

  • WE DID IT !

    Project funded at 111%! What more could we ask for !

    A huge THANK YOU to all of you, who participated, shared and supported our project.
    We can now concentrate on the production of our ECO PALEO SET. We will contact you by email. Your rewards will be sent to you within 3 weeks.

    To follow the progress of our project, join us on our FACEBOOK page.

    Thank you

  • Final fortnight !

    So here we go, final fortnight and we have 50% to go.
    Thank you for everyone's support and also to those of you planning to do so (we haven't forgotten you ;) ). Even small amounts make a huge difference towards making this a reality.
    Since we started the crowd funding we've had interest from Paleontology Associations around the globe, and most importantly the science has been approved by Paleontologist Jean Le Loeuff of Musée des Dinosaures d'Espéraza.
    This is something we aimed for as we didn't want our posters to be simply decorative, although this as well has been a major factor in the overall design.
    The information provided on each poster has been purposefully displayed in a certain manner in order to develop a child's visual cognition. As well as offering a unique, visually attractive and scientifically correct introduction to these great beasts.
    We'll be posting updates over the next 2 weeks but we need your help to spread the word.
    So on that note, stamp your feet, make some noise and RAAAAAWR.
    Warm regards
    FROG and TOAD (Allison and Simon)

  • 19 days left !

  • Little by little, like Nemicolopterus !

    Merci tout le monde / Thank you everybody !

  • An excellent start !

    Merci tout le monde / Thank you everybody !