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Lamps handmade with upcycled sails


About the project

DVELASreuses sails and transforms them intobeautiful furniture using contemporary designs. Sails that travelled for years on boats all around the world are now transformed into useful objects with a maritime past.

The most of the fabric of discarded sails is in excellent condition. Above all, it has an attractive aesthetic feel.

The idea come up as a creative reaction to finding a new use for discarded boat sails. This fabric has excellent durability and resistance and dvelas has found a way to upcycle these sails.


This new DEVELAS project is the beginning of a new line of furniture with the inclusion of light diffusers, and a step into the lighting sector. The sails we use have a particular patina which is especially intensified when used as light diffusers.

"We select the most expressive and beautiful parts of each sail to create these limited edition lamps."

The basic idea of the campaign is to get the financing we need with small contributions from many people. Of course, in return we give you a bracelet, a wallet or a sail bag or a mini-pouf or one of the first units of the new lamps as a reward.
Any input helps reach our goal!
If we reach the goal, the item you have purchased will arrive at your home and you will have benefited from a discount and will have helped us to develop the project. But if we can't reach the goal together, we will refund the money you have now advanced. It has no risk to you and you can help us move forward.

The project consists of the design and launch of our initial Collection of four lamps:



Small portable lamp with an adjustable light switch. ø16 cm diameter x 30 cm heigth. (Knot: Knot)



ø15 cm diamenter x 85 cm heigth table lamp. (Berth: Marine anchoring)



Floor lamp, 180 cm total heigth and ø25 cm diameter x 40 cm heigth lampshade. 



Floor lamp 180 cm total heigth and ø15 cm diameter x 140 cm heigth lampshade. 


These lamps are all composed of a wooden structure that serves as the support for aluminum and wood profileson which LEDs are placed. In all cases the sails act as a light diffuser creating a warm pleasant atmosphere.

The lampshades are designed in four different line color options so you can choose the one you like best:



  • In all cases a BRACELET made with rope and nautical shackle and a mention on our website. Once the campaign ends we will contact you to know the color of the bracelet closure.

  • A CARD made with recycled sail.

  • Reversible sailcloth BAG.

  • Low BEAN BAG made of upcycled sail (grey or white)  40 ø x 40 cm 

All our products are hand made at our workshop in Pamplona. The sails are collected and stored using a stringent labelling process. The cutting and pattern making are carried out under the supervision of our designers, making use of the parts of the sail that are in the best condition, the most expressive and appropiate parts for each product. After they are washed and ironed, they are swen using the characteristics zigzag seaming with highly resistant thread in a range of colours. All the finished products are immersed in a waterproofing solution to improve their already excellent outdoor capacities.

Based on materials with a past of its own, DVELAS merges functionality and aesthetics to create products that brings together design, beauty and emotion. 

"Like all our creations, each product is unique and carries a label with the history of the sail: the ship and port of origin, type of sail and the name of the original manufacturer of the sailboat."

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

We are a company founded and directed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals that combine the disciplines of architecture, graphic design and production.

The idea came up as a creative reaction to finding a new use for discarded boat sails. This fabric has excellent durability and resistance and DVELAS has found a way to upcycle these sails.

If you would like to know more about us you can enter our website  www.dvelas.com


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