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Team Dust N' Roses

Mongol Rally 2018

About the project

4 friends - 2 months - 1 small car - 20 countries - 15 000 km

>>> Who are we? <<<

  • Four bioengineers in master at EPFL
  • Four friends looking for new challenges and new horizons
  • A common dream : the Mongol Rally

>>> The Mongol Rally, what is it? <<<

  • A charity car rally, between London and Oulan-Oude (Russia)
  • 15’000 km through Turkey, Iran or even Mongolia
  • From the 14th of July until mid-September 2018
  • Behind the wheel of a small car with an engine of less than 1.2L
  • Without any assistance

>>> Charity, how come? <<<
Among the funds we are hoping to collect, a minimum of 1120 € will go to the « Cool Earth » ONG, that fights against deforestation of tropical forests, in collaboration with local communities. The organization protects the most at risk rainforest that, without intervention, would be destroyed within the next 18 months.

What are the funds for?

>>> What are the funds needed ? <<<

In order to accomplish our incredible project, we need to raise 18'000 €.

  This budget includes :      

        - 700 € of inscription fee to the rally
        - 1120 € for the association « Cool Earth »
        - 2000 € for the return airline ticket
        - 3600 € of visa and customs costs
        - 4500 € of personal costs (food and accomodation)
        - 6000 € of costs related to the car (car, replacement parts, maintenance and repair, fuel, insurance, repatriation)

>>> How will we pay these expenses ? <<<

To finance our project, several events will be organized by our team to directly reach our friends and relatives, as well as events oranized through the association « Ingénieurs Nomades », supporting the Mongol rally in our school (EPFL).

Our fundings will include :

         - 7000 € from sponsors

         - 1000 € from events

         - 4000 € from crowdfunding

         - 6000 € of personal funds

About the project owner

Coming from different places in France, it is at EPFL that we first met. Although we did our Life Sciences bachelor together, it is only in 2016 (at the beginning of our Master) that we really got to know each other. Right away, the fusion was total and we became inseparable:

Anaïs, 23 years old, a true pasionate about nature and travel, always seeking for new adventures.

Ann-Rivière, 22 years old, a lover of the sea and mountains, with a warm and sparkling personality.

Alice, 24 years old, a small electric battery, always smiling, no mountain can resist her for long, climbing being her passion.

Yara, 23 years old, passionate about dance and music, always willing to achieve amazing projects.

The Mongol Rally would be for us the achievement of a crazy dream as well as the expression of a common passion. The four of us being very concerned with environemental issues, the fundraising for an ONG struggling against deforestation represents an important aspect of this adventure.