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designers directory

About the project

News Flash: They have just joined us on Duodeci Design. They will be on our directory book.

Yoan Pitre, Adélaïde Hegedé, Manero Manjo, Eleni Martin, Emilien Durand, Kim Najac, Xiaoqian ZHAO, Qiuyuan Wang, Fannie FEI, Bernard Cichy, Justine Pilorge, Antonio Gomez, Erika Douadi, Mira Ming Jiang and Jérôme Bareille

After the creation of the e-commerce platform www.duodeci.fr, it seemed to me an obvious evolution to continue with the Directory web site  www.duodecidesign.fr  which shed’s light on international designers.

DuoDeciDesign is first of all a showcase for designers, a « directory » web site. 

◼◼◼ Allow our designers to be known. 

In January 2015, the idea to have jewelry designers be discovered was born. And the creation of a platform showcasing them by presenting their universe and creations came to be. Thanks to you, we were able to edit a first book introducing them. A community of designers was brought to life.

 We wish to continue the adventure and edit the second book. And it’s very naturally that we developed the web sitewww.duodecidesign.fr

◼◼◼ Our wish is that this community help each other, because together we are stronger. 

And my prediction is that very soon designers will sign the jewels they created. It’s the main motivation behind my desire to create DuoDeci.

If you too, as a designer, wish to participate: it’s possible. 

Don’t wait: contact us, [email protected] we are looking for talents of all ages,   from all backgrounds in design,  of all nationality and culture.  

Our partners helped us make this platform a reality, but they can’t do it all….

What are the funds for?

◼◼◼ The financing will allow for the edition and printing of the second book/directory introducing the designers that will be on the web site, (at the moment about 60 people), to cover shipping cost and the fees to Ulule. For each contribution, a share of it will be invested in the growth of the project.

  1. If together we reach the first goal of 6 000,00 €, we will be able to edit the directory book. It will ship mi-January 2018 and will be a road companion for this New Year. The contributors will have a privileged access to the upcoming events.   
  2. If together we surpass the second objective of 12 000,00 €, we will be able to finalize and improve our web site. This will also allow us to invest in communication and exhibits, so our collectivity can get an image boost and widen it’s reach.  
  3. A third objective of 18 000,00 € will allow us to organize a first contest with our partners: several categories will be represented. We care:  all, professionals as well as student will be highlighted.

The designers present on the web site www.duodecidesign.fr will be featured in the book.

In the counterparts at 25€, you’ll discover the 1st directory book, which introduced 27 designers.

In the counterparts at 35€, the second directory book: i twill introduce a minimum of 60 designers (120 designers maximum).

If you wish to be part of this second directory, we invite you to sign up as soon as possible on the web site www.duodecidesign.fr but no later than, December 20th 2017.

◼◼◼ The DuoDeci book is the main counterpart  offered on the Ulule’s platform.

• • •This book (in French and English) will introduce jewelry designers national and international. You will also find their contact information if you whish them to create a jewel especially for you. 

• • • The book size will be 19x24 cm (open: 24 x 69,4 cm). It will be a minimum of 148 pages and will be quadric printed on thick high quality paper by the printer: Clerc in St Amand Montrond.

Renowned in their sector, bursting with creativity, their illustrations will be reproduced carefully, so to guaranty a perfect quality of impression. 

In order to be known, the town of St Amand Montrond which is by our side from the beginning will organize and host an exhibit highlighting  the designers present in the book and on the site in 2018. City of Arts, it’s home to the "Cité de l’Or" which could then become   "Cité de L’or and of the Designers"! La Cité de L'Or is the symbol of the 3rd French pole of goldsmith manufacturing  and enshrined excellency pole of the  Métiers d’Art in 2011.

In order to share this project with as many as possible ! Today, the concept is fine tuned.   

We wish that this directory get’s stronger with your support  because all the designers present by December 25th 2017 will be in the book. 

We now need you to give this project the push it needs in order to create this second directory.        

The finacing will of course be used for the counterparts and shipping. It will also allows us to finalize the web site, by making accessible for modifications, on line, the designer’s profile, which it’s not the case today.   It will also allow us to organize exhibit in order to present this collective.

About the project owner


All are passionate! They are with us from the beginning. Discover their design and personal site through our platform www.duodecidesign.fr

Alexandre Loiseur| FranceAnna Balzarini| ItalieAurélie Dufour | FranceCamille Diogo| FranceChristophe Lainé | FranceEmeline Mougeot | France  Émeline Piot | France Emilie Chesneau | France Florence Closset| France Florence Gendre| FranceFloriane Blanchevoy| FranceHeloîse de Bouclans| FranceHicham Aguedach| Maroc Hyang Mi Lee| Corée du SudInessa Kovalova| RussieIwona Tamborska| PologneJean Baptiste Preiss| France Jiamu Lei| ChineJie Jiang| ChineJoceline Tekour | FranceLaetitia Rozé| FranceLéa Guigue| FranceLeo Lin| TaïwanLouise Arnaud| FranceLouise d'Ussel | FranceMarina Cabanel| FranceMaxime Gibot| France Nastazia Célestine| FranceNathalie Castro| FranceNico Delouche| FranceOdile Fulchiron| France Pamela Hastry| FrancePaula Guzmán | MexiquePauline Tardieu| FrancePeggy Caramel| FranceSégolène Wiels| FranceShuyu Chen | ChineTatyana Sharonova| RussieTony Furion| FranceVictoria de Martino| France Violaine SEBAG| FranceYing Zhang| Chine Adélaïde Hegedé | France Manero Manjo | France


  • hello when are we going to recived the books????

    Hi Paula,

    I sent you the book more than a month ago, if you had not received it is not normal.  I send you a second send. Thank you for giving me your address to see if there is not a destination error.
    Best regard

    Arnaud Pradat

    Last updated: 2 years, 2 months ago