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DUNGEON WORLD - Edizione Italiana

Brave adventurers, fearsome monster, amazing treasures

About the project

Brave adventurers, fearsome monster, amazing treasures

Dungeon World is a game that let you live the adventures of a group of brave heroes who venture into the most dangerous corners of the land in search of gold and glory.

Adventurers take many shapes in Dungeon World. The races of elves, men, dwarves, and halflings all have their heroes. Some are near-invincible beasts of battle encased in iron armor. Others are more mysterious, conjuring up and wielding the mighty forces of magic. Treasure and glory are sought by a holy cleric, a tricky thief, a mighty paladin, and more.

You and your friends are those heroes. You go where others can’t or won’t. There are monstrous things lurking in the world. Are you ready to face them?

What's Dungeon World?

Dungeon World is a roleplaying game for 4/5 players. One of you will be the GM, Game Master, the one who control monsters and treasures, the bartender of the inn and the god of orcs. The other player will take the role of the adventurers, everyone lead by their own motivations and desires. Everyone specilized in something: melee fight, with sword and shield, or invocation of magical enery to cast spells, or find and disarm deadly traps. All of this in a rold so full of treasures as is full of dangers.

Dungeon World is a game wrote by Sage Latorra and Adam Koebel. In the US it's been published through a crowdfunding campaign who grossed nearly 90 thousands dollars. Sage and Adam wrote this game taking inspiration from the first, most famous RPG in hisrtory: Dungeons & Dragons. But, 30 years after the first publication of D&D, game design and needs and expectations of tha players have changed.

So they took Apocalypse World, an award winning RPG by Vincent D. Baker (published in Italy by Narrattiva under the name of Il Mondo dell'Apocalisse and winner of the 2011 edition of Lucca Comics & Games Besto of Show), they adapted its core rules and build upon it a game that gives the same feelings, thus operating in a very different way, in some cases more powerful, and surely more lightweight and accessible.

The games' engine

The enegine of Dungeon World (and Apocalypse World) was build to answer specifics need: simple to learn and play.

To start playing Dungeon World you need only an hour if at least one person has already read the book. If noone of you has alredy read the book, do not worry. Take the book itself, read aloud the first 4 chapter and you can start creating your own adventurers. At this time some of you should have been chosen to be the GM. She only needs to read some other pages (chapter 13 "The GM" and chapter 14 "First Session") and you all are ready to go. The rest of tha game's manual contains what the GM'll to "continue" playing after the first session, building a fantastic world where the adventures of your own characters takes place. There's also a summary of the rules with extensive explanations and examples, pre-build monsters to use as they are or use as steeing stone to build your own mosters, rules for on-the-fly creation of monsters, cities, treasures, classes and even new games, based on the apocalypse engine.

Playing the game

To explain how do you play Dungeon World ther'es nothing better that the authors words:

[Playing Dungeon World] It’s a conversation between the players and the GM—the GM tells the players what they see and hear in the world around them and the players say what their characters are thinking, feeling, and doing. Sometimes those descriptions will trigger a move—something that’ll cause everyone to stop and say “time to roll the dice to see what happens.” For a moment everyone hangs on the edges of their seats as the dice clatter to a stop. Tension and excitement are always the result, no matter how the dice land.

As you play your characters they’ll change from their adventures and gain experience while learning about the world, overcoming monsters, and gathering riches. You’ll discover how they feel about each other and where their moral compass points them. When they accrue enough experience they’ll gain levels, becoming more powerful and having more options to explore.

What are the funds for?

This crowfunding campaign

So, we talked a lot about the game. Maybe you didn't kew it before and now you're interested. Maybe you already knew you wanted the game and came here to understand what all this campaing is about.

For short: this campaign act as a pre-sale for the game. We want to know how many people are interested in Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana and, based on those numbers, decide what kind of edition publish.

And so, why do I back this campaign?

First, to let us know that you want an italian edition of Dungeon World. Second, to have acces to unique rewards, available only to those who back this campaign (like the Barbarian class or the Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana wallpapers). Third, cause more people shows interests, more reward will arrive.

I'm going to give you every deatil expaling the Goals of this campaing.

Campaign Goals

€ 1 000: A GOOD GAME

Standard edition of the game: A5 (148x210 mm), paperback with flaps, full color plastic cover, about 400 pages b/w with 30 illustrations.

€ 1 500: A SMALL GIFT

Any contributor of level ORCO or above will recive 2 more wallpapers in different formats. Full color, featuring the characters illustrated in the book.

€ 2 000: A SMALL STEP

Every contributor of level ORSOGUFO or above will recieve a digial copy (PDF or eBook) of the supplement Manuale del Pianocrate: La Città di Dite.


The book will feature 25 more black and white illustrations by Claudia Cangini.

€ 3 000: A GIANT LEAP

When this goal is hit, the entire book is going to change.

We will produce a book in A4 format (210x297 mm), with hardback cover fullcolor. 200 pages with over 50 illustrations. Every contributor of level TROLL or above will recive this new vesrion inted of the smaller one without any need to increase their contribution. Of course the price at which the game will be sold to the public will be higher in the future. This is our gift to our early bird contributors!


The book will feature anothor 25 black and white illustrations by Claudia Cangini, raising the total of 80 illustration. Nearly one every fullpage.


When this goal is hit, another gift for our contributor will arrive.

Every contributor of level ORCO or above will recive a digila copy of the book DUNGEON WORLD - Edizione Italiana and of the supplement Manuale del Pianocrate: La città di Dite (in PDF format). This digital version will be sold to the public after the campaign will end at a higher price. This is another small gift to all our contributors.

€ 10 000: A BIG NAME

When we'll hit this Goal another reward will come for everyone of our contributor. But to know what this reward will be, we need to get close to this Goal. At the reach of every other Goal we'll give you some hints about this Mistery reward.



A big thank you. If Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana will become a reality, it'll also be thanks to you.

€ 5: ORCO

Your name will appear in the credits of the game. This reward gives you access to other digital rewards in the future, unlockable through the various Goals of this campaign.


A printed copy of the game, whichever format it will be at the end of the campaign (see main page for more info). Plus every previous tier reward.


Everything you get as an ORSOGUFO plus a copy of the map of the City of Dis, printed black and white on two sides of an A3 paper sheet.


Everything you will get as a MINOTAURO plus the official t-shirt of Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana. The t-shirt comes in this sizes: S - M - L - XL - XXL

IMPORTANT: if you chose this reward please send uf an email at [email protected] as soon as possible, telling us which size do you want your t-shirt.

€ 55: ETTIN

You'll receive two printed copies of the game Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana plus two printed copies of the map of the City of Dis (A3, black and white, printed on both sides)

If you and a friend both want this game, this is you reward. Save the shipment costs for the second copy.

€ 95: IDRA

You'll recive the Powered by the Apocalypse complete Bundle, composed of

  • Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana (only in italian)
  • Il Mondo dell'Apocalisse (only in italian)
  • Cuori di Mostro (only in italian)
  • Il Mostro della Settimana (only in italian)
  • Fantasmi Assassini (only in italian)

This is the perfect reward for the ones who want to bring some friends into the roleplaying hobby but isn't sure of what setting they will prefer.

€ 105: DRAGONE

You'll receive the Powered by the Apocalypse complete Bundle as an IDRA, plus

  • the Map of the City of Dis as a MINOTAURO
  • the official Dungeon World Edizione Italian t-shirt as a GRIFONE

€ 120: GOLEM

You'll get every reward accessible to a GRIFONE (book, map, t-shirt) plus one original art of a monster (hand drawn, A4, black and white) done by Claudia Cangini exclusively for the game manual of Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana

IMPORTANT: It is possible to get this reward by hand at Lucca Comics & Games 2013.

€ 150: LICH

You'll get every reward accessible to a GRIFONE (book, map, t-shirt) plus one original artwork of a monster (hand drawn, A4, black and white) done by Claudia Cangini in exclusive for the game manual of Dungeon World - Edizione Italiana

Plus, the monster will be done by us following your description, and then added to the book in the monster chapter, along as the illustration made by Claudia and a personal dedication.

If you chose this reward please send us an email [email protected] it as soon as possible so we can start to discuss your monster and work on it.

IMPORTANT: It is possible to get this reward by hand at Lucca Comics & Games 2013.

About the project owner

Narrattiva translates and publish indie RPGs since 2006. Narrattiva published in italian some of the most innovative games made in the last 10 years (Dogs in the Vineyard, My Life with Master, Apocalypse World, Trollbabe, Shahida, Primetime Adevntures, Monsterhearts).



Since 2012 Narrattiva is also self publishing games, starting with Bacchanalia, a storytelling games who uses a deck of card richly illustrated and published in 4 languages (italian, french, english and german).


Narrattiva is run by three people:

Michele Gelli 

Expert in internet communications, web, entertainment and site maker, since 1990 deals with the creation of websites, computer consulting and internet communications. Graduated in Computer Science at the University of Bologna, immediately started numerous professional collaborations in the field of communication and entertainment. 

In particular, it was one of the real stars of the arrival of Japanese comics in Italy, thanks to its expertise on the comic book and the printing processes and prepress has had a professional relationship with all the major publishers in the industry (Shin Vision, Dynamic Italy, Granata Press ), gaining a wealth of experience.

Since 2006 he has practiced his editorial experience combining it with his passion for roleplaying and gave birth to the label Narrattiva.



Also, among the rest of the SHADOPW team, she got to realize the full graphic project of Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG, wrote by Jenna Moran, author of the famous Nobilis RPG.