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  • We have made it to the finish line - THANK YOU!

    Dear friends,

    We have made it to the finish line and we are so grateful for what we have achieved - in 21 days of crowdfunding, with the support of 225 of you, we have collected exactly 6200 EUR. That will enable us:

    • the printing of 1000 copies of the picture book “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out”; 
    • the printing of 500 copies of the coloring & activity book “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out”;
    • the production of the audiovisual version of the book “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out”


    More precisely, your support has enabled us to provide to more than 1000 children the means to learn and develop an accepting and respectful attitude towards rainbow families. We believe that in this way we are making a small, but a significant step in building a more inclusive and tolerant social climate regarding rainbow families, particularly in our home country, Croatia. We can’t thank you enough for that! <3

    “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out” is the second picture book in the “My Rainbow Family” series, and certainly not the last one. We plan to continue creating educational content on the topic of rainbow families and we’ll make sure you are one of the first persons to learn when our new “My Rainbow Family” editions will be ready.

    In the meantime, let’s focus on the production and the delivery of all your perks! We plan to deliver all the perks by the winter holidays (end of December 2019) and we want to hear all your thoughts, comments and suggestion about the “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out” picture book. You can write to us at [email protected], both about your feedback and any unexpected delays in the delivery of your perks.

    You'll be hearing from us soon! :)


    Rainbow Families Croatia


    More specifically, the last 24 hours of our crowdfunding campaign are ticking off! This means that today is the last moment for us to raise funds for the printing of 500 coloring & activity books and an audiovisual book “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out”. Have you already shared our campaign with your friends?

    Get at least one of your friends to support us by the end of the campaign! 

    In addition to providing free content on rainbow families, by supporting the campaign, they have the opportunity to book their copy of the new picture book, which will be available in a limited amount after the campaign. Hurry up!

    With appreciation for all the support you have given us so far,

    your Rainbow Families Croatia association

  • Only three days are left!

    Dear friends,

    Our crowdfunding campaign is slowly coming to an end, we only have three days left to secure 500 coloring & activity books and an audiovisual book “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out”. Your support in achieving that will be awarded with an additional perk. 

    If we reach our second goal, all of you who have supported us by claiming a perk with the new picture book in this campaign will get the new coloring & activity book, too! Now, there is only one way we can make that happen and it is very simple: 



    Free coloring & activity books will be available for them, too, if they claim a perk with the new picture book and if we get to our second goal on time. Hurry up! 


    Rainbow Family Croatia association


    Dear friends,

    The finale of the crowdfunding campaign "My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out" is coming up - have you already invited your friends to support us? If not, now is the perfect time to do that!

    You have helped us secure 1000 free picture books "My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out" and now we have a little more time to secure 500 free coloring & activity books, and an audiovisual book. If we succeed, we will award you with a special treat! 

    The first copies of the free coloring & activity books will be sent to all of you who have supported the campaign so far by purchasing the new picture book, as well as to all your friends who do so by the end of the campaign. Make sure we reach the second goal and you get your free coloring & activity book by motivating at least one of your friends to support us - share the campaign through your social media profiles and mailing lists.

    Let's do this, by providing diverse content about rainbow families for the youngest, we will make more space for dialogue and help their understanding of rainbow families!


    Rainbow Families Croatia association

  • We are heading towards the goal 2!

    Dear friends,

    The end of the last working week has been exciting for our team - you have helped us collect funds necessary to print our new picture book “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out”! Thank you so much! 

    This success has amazed us particularly for two reasons:

    1. We will be able to provide 1000 free picture books to every interested individual, family, and organization.
    2. We have enough time until the end of our crowdfunding campaign to collect funds for 500 coloring & activity books and an audiovisual book “My Rainbow Family’s Fun Day Out”.

    We believe that the coloring & activity books, and the audiovisual book, are important because they diversify and increase the amount of content about the rainbow families, and therefore provide children an opportunity to learn from the content they find most attractive and interesting. Just like the picture book, both will be available free of charge after the campaign finishes upon request of every individual, family and organization.

    We hope we can count on you in reaching the 2nd goal, too - your help will be greatly appreciated if you just share our campaign with your friends and acquaintances.

    Let’s continue building a society that respects, accepts and celebrates all families!


    Rainbow Families Croatia association


    Dragi prijatelji,

    Kraj prošlog radnog tjedna u našoj je udruzi dočekan posebno veselo - pomogli ste nam prikupiti sredstva potrebna za tisak nove slikovnice “Moja dugina obitelj na izletu”! Puno vam hvala!

    Ovaj uspjeh oduševio nas je iz dva razloga:

    1. Novu slikovnicu moći ćemo besplatno ustupiti čak 1000 pojedinaca, obitelji i organizacija;
    2. Ostalo nam je dovoljno vremena do završetka kampanje da prikupimo sredstva i za tisak 500 edukativnih slikovnica te izradu audiovizualne slikovnice “Moja dugina obitelj na izletu”!

    Vjerujemo da je postojanje sadržaja poput edukativnih bojanki i audiovizualne slikovnice o duginim obiteljima važno zato što daje najmlađima na izbor raznovrsni sadržaj o duginim obiteljima, odnosno zato što svakom djetetu daje mogućnost da uči iz formata koju mu je najprivlačniji i najzanimljiviji. Baš kao i slikovnica, oboje će nakon završetka kampanje biti dostupno potpuno besplatno na zahtjev svih zainteresiranih pojedinaca, obitelji i organizacija.

    Nadamo se da možemo računati na vašu podršku i u dolasku do drugog cilja kampanje -  puno će nam značiti ako samo podijelite kampanju sa svojim prijateljima i poznanicima.

    Nastavite graditi s nama društvo koje poštuje, prihvaća i slavi sve obitelji!


    udruga Dugine obitelji