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Support the inaugural publication of new, indie publishing house, de Selby Press.

About the project

WE MADE IT!  Thanks to everybody who helped make this campaign a success.  We're overjoyed that so many people got involved and set the bicycle wheel rolling.  We’re busy working on the book and are hoping to launch everything in the coming months.  If you’re interested in getting a copy but didn’t have an opportunity to get involved with the campaign, don’t fear: the book will be available online and in limited stores around the world as soon as it’s released.  Keep an eye on our website for more information:

If you didn't catch the campaign at all, check out the NEWS section for all our updates, including illustrations, the working cover, a history of the Cochin font, and much more. 

UPDATE: sent to print
UPDATE: have a look at the COVER!
UPDATE: WE DID IT! A toast to everyone involved!
UPDATE: 93% and 'The Dead'
UPDATE: 87% and our POSTER
UPDATE: We're about to hit 80% we've added cool stuff to the rewards: see here!
UPDATE: We've a new reward for all the bookshops out there: pre-order four copies

UPDATE: Eveline - the next illustration released here!

Dubliners is the first publication of fledgling publishing house, de Selby Press, based in Paris.

We want to produce a beautiful book inside and out and so we've commissioned illustrator Stephen Crowe, who's also working on a project to illustrate every page of Finnegans Wake.  We've laboured over the text, getting it as close to Joyce's original as we can muster, and we've been working with an excellent French printer. 

We're very excited to be working with such excellent artists and artisans, but there's more: one of our favourite Irish writers, Paul Murray, author of Skippy Dies and An Evening of Long Goodbyes, has written a brand new introduction, and one of our favourite Irish singers, Lisa Hannigan, has recorded an exclusive version of the classic Irish ballad, The Lass of Aughrim, to set the scene for the collection's longest and most renowned story, 'The Dead'.  This will be available to download as one of our rewards, but we've put it here to get you in the mood:


We are almost there! All we need now is the final
push of the wheel: to raise the funds to get the
first print run on the road.  Our goal: €15000

The Release Date:

Our aim is to launch Dubliners at Shakespeare and
Company bookshop, Paris, in September, 2014.

Thank you for your involvement in de Selby Press.


Keep an eye on the campaign as it continues: we'll be making regular updates about our progression with all the illustrations, the cover and the layout.  Also, for our fellow bibliophiles we'll be posting a short history of the font type we've decided upon, as well as a print history of Dubliners itself.

Further Thanks:

This project wouldn't have been possible without the energy and goodwill of everybody involved.  We would like to thank Lisa Hannigan for her wonderful version of The Lass of Aughrim, Paul Murray for his great introduction and all that patience with his exigent editors, Stephen Crowe for his beautiful illustrations and hours of Skype conversations, Fabrizio Polpettini for the splendid video, David Grove for his type-setting skills, Saara Marchadour for her editing skills, and everybody at Shakespeare and Company for all their support and encouragement, and all our friends and family. 

*If you're asking, 'why €15,000 and not the €10,000 quoted to the right?', see the section below on what we'll be doing with the funds.

What are the funds for?

We have set our Ulule goal at €10000 as the mininum amount we'd need to get the books on the shelves and launch the project in earnest, but we have hired talented, creative people to work on this project and selected the best materials we can afford, and so our production costs actually run beyond €15000. 

Ideally, we're aiming for this amount, which would allow us to pay everybody immediately and then to go straight into a second print run.  

Also, as it stands the 1st edition won't have an isbn and will only be distributed online and through select stores around the world, but if we make more than our ideal goal, we will be able to get an isbn, contact distributors and expand the reach of our edition of Dubliners, not to mention the fact that we will also be able to begin work on our next project. 

More importantly, we will ensure that the first edition is truly very spectacular indeed, plumping for the highest quality paper possible.  We want this book to be a pleasure to hold and to read!

About the project owner

Linda Fallon is head buyer at Shakespeare and Company bookshop, Paris, and has extensive experience in the bookselling industry. 

Terry Craven is a long-serving bookseller at Shakespeare and Company bookshop, Paris, with a special interest in antiquarian books.