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Dropshard SILK TOUR 2015

Support Dropshard 2015 European Tour

About the project

We are Dropshard, a neo-progressive rock band from Lombardia (Italy). We started doing music together in 2007 and since then we recorded two albums: ANYWHERE BUT HOME (Sonic Vista Music - Feb 2011) and SILK (Sonic Vista Music/Aurovine - Oct 2014). Our music has led us to various stages in Italy and allowed us to play even in England twice.

Anyshere But HomeSilk

Playing in Italy gave us a really positive response from our public and many people suggested us to look beyond the national borders. In fact we have many fans who follow us across Europe, from United Kingdom to Germany, including France, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands... and many other countries (Russia overall) who listen to our music and would like to see us play live in their cities!
We experienced touring in England in 2011, that was such a great time! The audience greeted us with great enthusiasm, asked autographs... they even recognized us in the streets!

So, our dream now is to repeat this experience by organizing a small European tour that will allow us to spread our live music outside of our country!

What are the funds for?

All funds raised thanks to this campaign will be used to cover our European Tour travelling costs.
We're focusing on touring in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg

Thanks to the funding we'll be able to afford food, travel and accomodation costs.

Our plan is to rent a big camper and to move all together and reach all the venues we will be able to book!!! It is damn crazy and super hot idea, isn't it?!

If we exceed our objective, we'll try to record our performances around Europe and maybe make a CD out of the tour!

But all this depends on how much money we can invest... and here YOU can make the difference

About the project owner

Following the roots of masters of progressive music like Genesis, Yes, Jethro Tull, King Krimson, Led Zeppelin and taking inspiration from modern progressive/alternative bands like Pain of Salvation, Riverside and Porcupine Tree, Dropshard attempt to create its own music with two EPs – DSI (2008) and DSII (2009)clearly reflecting the mood and the energy that moves the band.

In 2010, after reaching a stable formation, Dropshard plays in several events like the Exprog in Mogliano Veneto – among with illustrious names like Marillion, Tony Levin ‘Stick Men’ and Le Orme – gaining attention and winning several competitions – like the Woodstock MetalRace 2010.

In the meantime the band starts writing new music and lyrics: it’s time for spread its music to the world!

Following the exciting – and unexpected – success and the excellent feedback from public and critic about the first full-lenght album "ANYWHERE BUT HOME", in May 2011 the band is hosted by the Electric Garden Festival in Blackpool (UK), a three-day event entirely devoted to progressive music, gaining great success.

To find out more about Dropshard and to follow our activity please check-out:

Official Website  -  Youtube Channel  -  Facebook  -  Twitter  -  Google+

Thanks for all your support!