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Double vinyle Tetra Hydro K - Dub/Steppa/Jungle

More than a collector item, buying this double vinyl is a contribution to the developpment of the band. In advance, thank you for them!

About the project

Far from sticking only to classical Dub, the music made by the french duet has its own place in the "Bass Music" category. Real chemistry between machines and saxophone/melodica, Tetra Hydro K prepares you a subtile décoction made of Skank, Dubstep and Drum & Bass...

Theseyoung wizardsofDubwill immerse you inthe THK's vapors in a festive trance.

Two weeks after the release of their latest EP "Indigestion De Tofu", Tetra Hydro K  offers a double vinyl including all their tracks already available on several downloading websites.

The pack includes:

The double vinyl (numbered and signed), 2 stickers "Dirty Wawash", 2 stickers "Indigestion de Tofu", 1 badge Tetra Hydro K and all the tracks from their both EP in MP3 320.

The price:

The price is 20€ + a 4.50€ shipping fee for France or 7.50€ abroad.

The music:

Listen to the 1st EP "Dirty Wawash":

and the 2nd EP "Indigestion De Tofu":

To know more about Tetra Hydro K:

You may have seen them:

Jan 7th 2011:in Lyon w/ Panda Dub and Fedayi Pacha
June 21st 2011: at La Fête De La Musique in Lyon w/ Junior Cony et Chanti D
Oct 7th 2011: in Besançon at the Electro-Clique Festival w/ Laurent de Wilde
Oct 28th 2011: at La Rodia in Besançon (opening for Asian Dub Foundation)
Oct 29th 2011: at Le Marais in Montigny-les-Vesoul
Nov 11th 2011 : in  Avignon
Nov 12th 2011 :
in Bessèges
Nov 25th 2011
: at Les Tanneries in Dijon

and soon:

Dec 2nd 2011 : in Dijon
Feb 3rd 2012
: in Grenoble

Opening for Asian Dub Foundation

You can find them on their website:

and also on Facebook:

or you can send a mail at this address: [email protected]

About the project owner

Both Tetra Hydro K's EP are releases of 7Lakes, a label of the association Le Citron Vert.


As the Citron Vert's second label, 7Lakes is dedicated to calmer electronic musics, the kind you can listen to sitting down. Some artists need to slow down the tempo after they have gone through more festive créations. The label tries to remainfaithfulto the image of Le Citron Vert (in which some artists have grown up and changes their musical esthetic) by producing artists who make music not only for dancefloors.Le Citron Vert:

Born in september 2002, Le Citron Vert is a French association which aims at the promotion and diffusion of electronic music and every kind of expressions for the alternative and non-academic culture in Eastern France and even further.

Le Citron Vert brings together different artists (dj’s, performers, vj’s, graffiti artists disigners…) which is an important network of talents and energies all united for the organisation of parties, concerts and festivals. Every kind of electronic music is welcome: from Ambient music to Hardcore, Techno, Breakbeat, and also Drum & Bass and Dubstep… The association organises concrete actions with local artists and associations: discovering new young talents,advices,coaching, booking,publishingrecord, promotionand programmationofthe FestivalElectro-Clique,discovering and launching device.

(This video is in French)

This project is more than a collector item.
Buying this double vinyl is a contribution to the developpment of the band.

In advance, thank you for them!