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DOTZ - Big Ordinary Stories

The new magazine about illustration. Between analog and digital

About the project

This project was born when I realised I was surrounded by a handful of talented artists. I wrote down their stories. They were kind of tales, extraordinary and worth sharing. Each story has an important message about dedication, passion and commitment

I’ve decided to make my own magazine about illustration and give those people and their project a big shoutout.

Illustration is a form of art, maybe the most democratic one, the one closest to people. It’s everywhere: on magazines, in advertisement, on a book cover, on a t-shirt.

But half the time we don’t even notice it.

Society gives great importance to speed and new-ness. We constantly receive new inputs. If we don’t update our mobile phone we feel like left behind.

In this way, we not only unlearned how to truly “see” things, but sometimes it seems we forget who we are, what we love and dream.

Yet, midst this noise, we all want the same thing: to feel connected with other humans, to create bonds.

Illustration has the power of giving us back a sense of humanity. The fact that it is hand-drawn makes us understand there is a person behind it. Somebody we don’t know. A slow story made of time and care.

The magazine is not written by illustrator. It keeps an outside perspective, quite naïve, to be appreciated by everyone.

We try to shed light upon the figure of the illustrator in these years, exploring the different contexts where we can find his works, but always in a pragmatic and straightforward storytelling.

Thanks to Dotz, I’m really learning a lot. All the artists’ stories I’ve heard in the past months share the same message: the importance of commitment, passion and stubbornness in reaching your goals. No matter how many obstacles you can find on the way.

Making a paper magazine is a big challenge. But we want to try! 

The first issue of Dotz is designed to be something beautiful, an object you would love to hold in your hands. Something that can satisfy the need of “touching”, that we all too often neglect.To achieve this result, we chose a particular paper among hundreds of options. It took us a bit, but we chose the one that gave us the feeling we were looking for. And it’s recycled!

Same attention to detail in making the layout, in the smooth timing given to the different topics, in choosing the format, compact and handy.

Dotz creates a dialogue between analog and digital aspects. I think media contamination is the most interesting feature for all kind of manufacturing in the next future.

For this reason, the first issue will include some Augmented Reality content. This means there will be static designs that can turn into motions thanks to an app you can easily download on your phone. 

Dotz is on a mission: creating connections. Between artists and people, between the past and the future.

It’s about connecting the dots and then stepping back to see the bigger picture.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life is that collaboration is the key for success. 

I like to imagine Dotz as a network for artists, independent publishers, fairs, both Italian and international.

This is only the first step, but connecting all the dots we could create a community to promote youth illustration classes, talks, contests and exhibitions.

To achieve these goals we need a primary essential collaboration: yours.

You can help Dotz taking the first step and eventually making the next more sustainable.

I hope you’ll be part of this community.

People are like dots: they only need to be connected.


A journal about artists and their stories is the motto of Polpettas on Paper, a magazine that offers to its readers a series of long and in-depth interviews with artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians. Top-quality conversations around creativity and inspiration, printed on 160 recycled paper pages and enriched by a sophisticated layout. A magazine that still believes in the magic of flicking through the pages, discovering new stories and just being surprised. 

Video produced by Biima

Thanks to:

El Imparcial |

Relajaelcoco |

La Riva - Papeles Especiales |

What are the funds for?

  • Printing the first issue
  • Payment of collaborators fee
  • Distribution on the first issue 

About the project owner

Hi! My name is Alessia and I'm the founder of DOTZ. 

Before becoming an editor and a social media manager, I worked in many different fields, doing apparently unrelated jobs. 

My cv is quite odd and, at some point, i just decided to stop and look at the bigger picture. I understood each step of the way brought me here. And here I'm happy. 

That's why I face every new adventure with the same passion and unchanged faith. Every time I start a project, I take stock of the biggest lesson I learned in my life: collaboration is the key. 

From this chaos, ws born DOTZ - Big Ordinary Stories