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Diskio Pi

The ultimate Open Source tablet - Prototype

  • Vu dans la presse

    L'article sur Diskio Pi dans le magazine "L'officiel PC Raspberry Pi"

    Paru le mois dernier, cet article est un état des lieux du projet en décembre 2017. Depuis la parution, quelques modifications ont été effectuées, mais 99% des informations sont d'actualité.

    De plus, ce magazine (toujours en kiosque) est rempli d'idées et de tutoriels pour vos projets divers à base de nano PC !

    L'article peut être consulté en cliquant sur l'image de couverture.

    A bientôt,


  • Diskio Pi and Windows 10: the boot images

    While the prototype 0.3 is still on the drawing board, the 0.2 prototype is still subject to adjustments.

    On this video, the power circuit has been improved to allow the UP Board to boot every time. A timer has been added to allow the 5V (4A) circuit to start a few seconds after the peak of the screen ignition.

    Result, a perfect boot, despite the relay click. We will think if the relay can not be replaced.

    All devices are recognized by the OS, and the UP card is visible at the very end of this video.

    Good viewing, and don't hesitate to comment !


  • The funding of the case has been reached !

    Since last Saturday, many have visited the project, and 14 of you allowed us to finance the case !
    A big thank you.
    This is a first step, because an empty shell is not quite a tablet.

    The second step is to reach 1500 € and thus to finance the prototypes of electronic boards. We will be able to validate many unknowns, such as the release and dissipation of heat, the final weight of the device, the reaction to various manipulations ...

    All this to offer you as soon as possible a version 1.0 !

    See you soon,

    Benjamin and Guillaume