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Diskio Pi

The ultimate Open Source tablet - Prototype

  • What is your choice ?

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  • Formulaire for the bakers

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  • Validation of the funding

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  • Note for next events

    Here is the last day of the campaign, thank you all for your participation !

    With the amount collected, we will be able to finance in addition to the case and the electronic study:

    • custom internal cables
    • the VESA plate prototype

    The cost of these parts is about € 100.

    So thank you for your participation !

    After confirmation by Ulule of the exact amount collected, we will keep you informed of the schedule we have planned, starting by a short survey.

    Meanwhile, have a great day!

    See you soon,


    Because the high tech is more and more proprietary, Diskio Pi is the ultimate Open Source tablet, compatible Android / GNU Linux / Windows.

    The prototype v.3 is on the way!

  • About the motherboard features

    At 23 days from the end of this funding, we have already fund 60% of the electronic study! Some efforts and we can present you the prototype very quickly! :)

    Here arer some informations about the motherboard, and the difference between the "pre-studied" board and the final one.

    The pre-studied board is a board (or PCB) that will integrate all the functions of the final board, but will be equipped with welded modules, for example the voltage converter, which will convert the 12V to the 5V. For the USB HUB, it will be integrated, as well as all ports: USB, HDMI, Jack, etc ...

    The pre-studied board:

    The available space being reduced, this additional thickness will not allow us to test the SATA with the closed case, but it is not essential at the moment, because this option will not be proposed from the beginning.

    However, the final motherboard will be designed to accommodate all options, including the POE, despite its future integration.

    Here are the features:

    The final board:

    On the final version, the converter will be integrated, with optimized consumption, smaller and reorganized components.
    The HDMI input will be the input that will allow you to use Diskio Pi as an external display. To use the touch screen, a USB cable must be connected, and a button (micro switch) will be present to indicate to the HUB which USB input to take into account.

    This scheme is still likely to evolve, but the main features are already tested on the 0.2 prototype.

    Do not wait any longer ! For all donors starting to 5€, you will receive the pics of the prototype !

    Thank you and see you soon !

    Guillaume et Benjamin