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Discovery : the human evolution game

Educational and collaborative card game on Prehistory and Antiquity

About the project

The fundraising campaign on Ulule ended May 15, 2017.

Thank you to all those who supported our project!

If you want to pre-order the Discovery game you can now do it via our website:



Discovery is a simple and captivatingcard game,
for 1 to 9 players, adults and children,
from 6 years old and up.

In Discovery you will rebuild together
the evolution of humanity,
since the appearance of our ancestor
Homo Habilis 3 million years ago.

"We all loved this game. It's a great way to teach history to my children", Isabelle, 41 years old.

Each card represents a major discovery,
innovation or breakthrough in our history.

Each discovery is based on preliminary discoveries, the prerequisites, and opens the way to further discoveries.  

The aim of the game is to win the most points by
making discoveries and by inaugurating new eras. 

It is therefore together that the players will
build the common discovery tree.

"The pictures are really wonderful, what an artistIt's nice to have these cards in your hand" Christiane, 72 years old.

Children and adults, beginners and experts,
all the family can play together,
and everyone can have 
the same chance of winning!

Different mechanisms make it possible
to adjust the difficulty of the game and compensate the difference in level
of the players.

"Ideal to play with the whole family around such an interesting topic!" Hughes, 42 years old.

The same Discovery deck of card allows you to:

  • play several types of games:
    • Simple Discovery: discover the cards and the game together, 30-minute games
    • Flash Discovery: more adrenaline, 15-minute games
    • Battle Discovery: richer and more competitive, 60-minute games
    • ... and many other games!​

  • play in several game configurations:
    • solitaire game or with
      up to 9 players
    • play individually or as a team
    • with human players only or with automatons (virtual players)

You will be able to continuously enrich the game by combining different decks of cards and by adding extensions:

  • new periods of history
  • new themes
  • special cards with powerful attributes

"I played a lot with my younger brothers. Especially the battle version. That, I really liked!" Romain, 13 years old

The Discovery game is currently available for two Periods, each covered by a separate deck of cards:

  • Prehistory: 54 Discovery cards, covering eras 1 to 6 of the game
  • Antiquity: 54 Discovery cards, covering eras 7 to 12 of the game

Discovery is also available in two Editions, each with a different card format and allowing you to play different types of games.

In the Standard Edition, the cards are simpler and contain:

  • the Era
  • the name of the Discovery
  • the Period and Estimated Date
  • the Prerequisites: these are the preliminary discoveries necessary to be able to place this card

This edition allows you to play the following games:

  • Simple Discovery 
  • Flash Discovery

In the Battle Edition, the cards contain:

  • the same items as in the Standard Edition, plus
  • the Attributes: special properties of a card used in more advanced games

This edition allows you to also play Battle Discovery where the attributes add a whole new dimension to the game and allow you to attack your opponents, capture spoils, trade cards, etc.

A third edition, Empires Edition, is currently under development. It contains, in addition to the deck of cards, a map and game pieces (military units, fortifications and boats), to carry out campaigns and deliver your battles on a more visual and tactile support. Games last longer (1~2h).

The Discovery game is currently available in 8 different versions:

  • 2 Languages: English and French
  • 2 Periods: Prehistory and Antiquity
  • 2 Editions: Standard and Battle

For each version, the packaging format will depend on the number of orders:

  • Box(if ≥ 100 orders)
    • large series offset printing in quadrichrome by Cartamundi, le world leader in card games (Magic, Uno, etc.),
    • games will be delivered in a hard cardboard box containing: the 54 game cards, an extra rules summary card and a 16-page booklet with the detailed game rules.
  • Case(if <100 orders)
    • small series digital printing in quadrichrome by Cartamundi,
    • the games will be delivered in a flexible cardboard case containing the 54 game cards and an extra rules summary card. The detailed game rules will available for download on our website

Box                                                                                         Case

Select you preferred reward!

  • Click on your preferred choice of game version(s) by using the "Choose your rewards" box (top right of the screen).
  • If you want several copies of the same reward, simply contribute an exact multiple of the suggested amount.
  • For example, to order 2 copies of the Initiation Kit, simple give a contribution of 40 € instead of 20 €. We'll be sure to ship 2 copies to you.

Help us improve the new editions of the game! 

If you order a Battle Edition or an Empire Edition, you will be able to contribute to improving the Discovery by sending us your comments and suggestions. To this end:

  • the Battle Edition will be initially printed in a beta-testing version, in the case packaging. The final version will be printed 3 months later in order to collect as much user feedback as possible.
  • The prototypes of the Empire Edition will be delivered in a box containing: the 2 decks of cards (Prehistory + Antiquity), a board with the game map and the game pieces (military units, fortifications and boats). The production of a final edition will depend on user feedback.

Note: all photos are given for illustration purpose only and are not contractual.

What are the funds for?

Principles of Crowdfunding

The launch of Discovery will be funded through your support via Ulule.

Ulule is a crowdunding platform where hundreds or thousands of people can support a project with contributions of 5 € to 1000 € or more. The principle of this form of financing is that you will receive physical reward in exchange for your support.

In our case, in return for your contributions, and in addition to our most sincere appreciation, you will receive one or more copies of the game (depending on the reward you have chosen, see box at the top right of the page).

You are free of course, if you are so inclined, to contribute by more than the indicated amount. For example, if you want to receive the Family Kit, suggested at 35 €, you are free to contribute more.

Use of funds

The funds collected through your support will cover:

  • cost of illustration and graphics
  • the production costs of the Discovery game (printing cards, boxes or cases, booklets)
  • the costs of packaging and shipping the rewards
  • the Ulule commission.

Here is the breakdown of our costs for a budget of 5 000 €:

We have given ourselves 45 days to reach this minimum objective of 5 000 € of contributions.

At the end of the 45 days,

  • If the goal is not reached, funding via Ulule will not take place, and your contributions will be returned to you.
  • If the goal is reached the funds will be released and we will be able to launch the production of the game. You will then receive your rewards 3 months later, which covers the production, packaging and shipping time.

About the project owner

Fabrizio is an engineer by training, serial-entrepreneur, passionate about history, science, and passionate about analysing and creating new systems ... all this passion concentrated in this new game Discovery that he has been developing for over a year.

Born in 1974 in Belgium, Fabrizio studied in Belgium, Australia and then in France. He holds a degree in Engineering from the Ecole des Mines de Paris and an Executive-MBA from INSEAD. In his 20-years international career he has alternated between major industrial groups (oil and steel) and entrepreneurial projects (telecom, renewable energies), working in some twenty countries (Europe, Asia, Africa).

To give the game it’s the best in terms of aesthetics as well as historical and scientific rigor, Fabrizio called upon Benoît Clarys, a renowned artist and archaeologist.

Born in 1958, in South Africa, Benoit studied Plastic Arts and finished at the Ecole supérieure des Arts in Saint-Luc, Tournai. First as an advertising illustrator in Brussels from 1983 to 1996, he embarked on a career as illustrator-museographer in Prehistory and Archaeology in 1989, which became his unique activity from 1997 onwards. At the same time, he participated in numerous archaeological workshops. He works for museums in Belgium, including the Royal Museums of Art and History, but also in Switzerland, France and Germany, always in close collaboration with researchers. He illustrates many works, one of the very first of which was the Atlas des Premiers Hommes, published by Casterman in 1998.